Looking for Robot Manufacture

  • Hello all,

    We are looking for robot manufacture who can provide us the robot in a kit form. The robot kit which were are looking is for service industry which can

    1. Talk to humans and process information and respond back.
    2. Edge detection
    3. Good battery as the robot has to be mobile most of the time
    4. Hand gestures and greetings
    5. Show emotions
    6. Change appearance, the outer shell can be customized to meet needs of customers
    7. Fluid movement
    8. Cost effective
    9. Programmable and customization is on top priority
    10. Multi-lingual support, as our customer are spread across world.
    11. Movement can be bi-ped or wheel based
    12. Robot can be assembled and disassembled easily as the robots will be in kit form
    13. Height should be minimum of 4 feet.
    14. Humanoid robot is what we are keen on.

    Looking forward to the update


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