making customize panel on TP

  • i try to create a panel that will show certain image based on value in register. for eg, if r1 = 0, show image 0, if r1 = 1, show image 1.

    i could not found the way to retrieve data from register/io and store it for later manipulation.

    did anyone tried to make a customize panel for TP before? any document that state the api for panel?

    thanks :help:

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  • You need to create a dedicated .stm file (HTML code), with Fanuc ActiveX controls - they take care of reading, displaying and setting the data, based on their type and parameters.
    These ActiveX controls are installed automatically with RoboGuide, but should be also obtainable from Fanuc.
    You'll also need a HTML editor to work efficiently - I recommend MS SharePoint Designer 2003 (not newer!).

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