Fanuc R30iA Operator Panel Issues

  • I was attempting to set up the operator panel interface on a Fanuc R30iA teach pendant and I've run into an issue where the buttons will work all of one time and then lock up the system. It doesn't seem to be giving me any error codes. If I have another window open I can switch to it and continue to operate all other TP systems but if I try to open any menus or change anything on the operator panel side, the system locks up and I have to cycle power. Any ideas as to what may be causing this? Is there something I am missing?

  • AD
  • It's the software operator panel incorporated into the teach pendant. On the r30ia pendant you go to menu -> browser -> panel setup there is operator panel functionality built into the TP software. While it's not necessarily ideal to use the TP as an operator panel it will be useful as a stand-in until I can get something else.

  • I've also worked with the TP-HMI quite a lot. As far as I rememeber, the R-30iA had some strange issues with this function sometimes.
    Which software do you use to create the HMI? Post the source code of the page which gives you trouble...

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