C Controller UX100 Motor Power

  • Hey All,

    I'm New to Kawasaki, I have a UX100 with C Controller. I am trying to bring this robot back to life for training purposes.
    I have never used Kawasaki before so its all new to me. I was able to get rid of most of my alarms.
    My Question, how do I get "Master ON" On and "Motor Power" On? I just want to jog the robot.
    I am in Teach on both the pendant and the operation panel. And on the status bar in the pendant, I have "Emergency Stop" lit up in red. I'm assuming it's external Estop, any idea where I can jumper this in the controller?

    When I go to "Manual" on the operation panel and stay in teach on the pendant, I get Master ON but not the motor power, and Emergency Estop is not on anymore in the pendant status.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Standard C Controllers usually have a grey terminal strip at the bottom on the inside of the Controller called TB2, this is the external interface for safety connections etc.
    However, with you mentioning 'MASTER ON' and 'MANUAL' suggests to me you maybe using a 'customer specific controller'.

    What is the Controller Part No..............................is it a C5x, C3x, C2x?
    1. Do you have a TB2 Terminal Interface on the bottom, inside the Controller?
    2. Do you have a socket on the rear of the controller called X-LNE1?

  • I thought that would be the case.
    - Usually there was an interface unit provided with these (small switch box) for servicing purposes which connected directly into X-LNE1.
    - This disconnected X-LNE1 from the Station Controllers which all the local Estops and Safety Fence were connected to.
    - So I can see some attempt has been made to 'jumper' these signals out.
    - This is the correct area and is more than likely creating an Emergency Stop and/or Safety Stop (Safety Fence opened) conditions.

    Looking at the X-LNE1 jumpers you have:
    8-9 linked = Safety Stop CH1
    20-21 linked = Safety Stop CH2
    13-14 linked = EMG CH1
    15-16 linked = EMG CH2

    So, looks like the jumpers are correct for the external E/Stops and Safety Stops - any of these links cross wired/missing will always provide permanent ESTOP and prevent Motor Power On.
    However, as I mentioned above, there was an interface box provided for servicing, which also included additional signals which replaced the Station Controller signals.
    - I suspect you are just missing these.

    I have attached a small image of the signals I think you are missing, I think you will require:
    19-18 - Definitely.
    19-10 - Not sure whether you need this link, as you will be providing MASTER ON via the Ops Panel.......
    19-17 - for a hold/run....and maybe required, but again this also comes from the Ops panel too........

    - So try 19-18 first, then below procedure........if not, add 19-17 then below procedure etc....

    Then I think from memory, you have to use TEACH on the Ops panel and press MASTER ON and TEACHING READY simultaneously or maybe MASTER ON first, and keep held in, followed by TEACHING READY and this should provide Motor Power and you should be able to use the Teach Pendant now.

    Just a word of caution
    - MANUAL is actually 'local repeat mode'
    - With your estop/safety stop bypassed, this will allow FULL SPEED REPEAT MOTION......so be careful.............
    - AUTO will not function unless connected to other peripherals I think as this mode is for when it is connected to the complete line, so as a stand alone Controller, I think does not function.....not 100% sure though

    Hope this helps.........
    Post back results if it gets you going or not?................

  • Yes i read about getting motor power on by pressing 'master on' and 'teaching ready' simultaneously.
    I Just tried adding the jumper between 19 and 18 & 19 and 10. Result was I still had Emergency Stop in red under status, and no luck in getting Master ON or Motor Power.

    I tried it with 19 & 17 too. same result.


  • Hmmmmm......So Estop is permanently showing......................You have pressed reset aswell I assume?

    - E/stops on Ops and Teach Pendant are clear and OK? - can you check them?
    - Double check the links in X-LNE1 are correct and making contact?
    - Also in Controller in Card Rack, there's a board called 1HP, there is a fuse here (F2) check that is OK too.
    - Teach Pendant Connector is Locked in place to the Controller.
    - Teach Pendant harness - any cuts/snags etc.
    - Any Limit Switches fitted to Arm Joints activated/missing (X3 Harness properly connected between Controller and Arm)
    - Also wondering if GUN BRAKE RELEASE switch has to be in Manual too.

    I think from memory aswell, you will never see Motor Power in Teach Mode until MASTER ON is lit.......and your Trigger (deadmans are pressed) - Motor Power led toggles ON/OFF with Deadmans Operation.
    - But until you clear the ESTOP, MASTER ON will never light up.........

  • - E/Stops on Ops and Teach pendant are good.
    - The links in X-LNE1 are correct and making contact.
    - Fuse F2 is good.
    - The Teach pendant connector is locked in place to the controller and the harness is fine.

    In my controller, these are the following LEDs I have ON.
    Status: CR1X, CR3X, CR4X, CR5X(Deadman's Switch pressed) CRLT, CR2E. I'm Missing CR1M & CR2M Robot Master ON & Power ON.
    E-Stops: Control P24 & Internal U24 are ON. I cannot get External X24 ON.
    And I have none of the Error LEDs ON which is good.

    I am getting close. Do you have any other information that may help?

  • Still no resolve yet then........

    Hmmm, just looking at your original post, if you can get it back to this condition.....


    When I go to "Manual" on the operation panel and stay in teach on the pendant, I get Master ON but not the motor power, and Emergency Estop is not on anymore in the pendant status.

    Is this still achievable when you remove Links on 19 of X-LNE1 (ie just having the Safety Stop and Ext Stop links in as per your original picture)?
    If this status can be returned to, it rules out Emergency Stop Buttons, Safety Stop and Ext EStop circuits from a hardware perspective and may just be pointing to a harness not connected sufficiently/loose.
    PC3JB Board I believe also forms part of this circuit, and can cause issues if not running.....but cannot verify this regarding Emergency Stop.
    Have you checked verified ALL connections to the Robot Safety Unit - CN1 through CN7.......This is where all the circuits interface too.....if you have one of these you could swap out would eliminate that as the cause too.

  • Hey kwakisaki,

    I removed Links on 19 of X-LNE1.
    If I hit fault reset and Master ON, I can see that I can get Master ON after I clear the new error I'm getting.
    I have checked the all harness.

    I have a new error, which i'm having a trouble clearing.
    Error Code - 1517 Cannot read encoder value JT 7
    Error Code - 1553 Encoder response error JT 7

    I think one of the guys here was looking through the functions, and they went into
    AUX 162 Gun Axis Brake Realse Mode and turned it ON for Joint 7.
    Once they turned it off, they got those errors.

    Another alarm we are getting is in the PC3JB board.
    On the display, "ALM" flashes and below it "AE" is displayed.
    I'm assuming thats HEX... so in DEC, its 174. I couldn't find any error codes for PC3JB.
    Could this be the cause thats not allowing us to get Motor Power ON?

  • A little progress then......sounds promising.....
    - Is that in 'Manual' or 'Teach' on the Operation Panel?
    - If 'Manual' just beware that the robot could automatically move if motor power activates and start is pressed.

    JT7 errors are pointing to an external axis that is not there (usually servo weld gun - Motor and Encoder).......
    - Is this installed on the arm, or is no tool/gun installed?

    Not sure about the codes of PC3JB board, that is the Toyopuc..........and that has to be running error free as there are many interlocks within the logic from memory.
    - The AE error suggests abnormal data in PC3JB - Possibly corrupt due to low battery, may need to reload the data into it.......Just a speculative guess that is.
    - What happens if you leave AUX 162 turned ON for JT7?
    - What errors appear, can you still get MASTER ON, any ESTOP showing?

  • Yes this is in Manual on the Operation panel.
    And yes, I do have a Servo gun installed with the motor and encoder.
    We don't plan on connecting the weld controller yet, because we just want to jog the robot before we go any further.

    I left AUX 162 ON for JT7 and nothing change, I get the same errors.
    I get error 1517, and no estops (in Manual on Oper panel). Due to the error, I cannot turn Master ON.
    Anyway to bypass this error?

    Looks like we have a separate toyopuc panel here, I will try to boot it up and connect it to the robot controller, I just figured I didn't need the Toyopuc PLC ON if I'm jogging in Teach...

  • - Error 1517 is an encoder misread error from JTxx.
    No way of bypassing the error, that needs resolving......Encoder on the JT motor/harness......sounds like the harness may not be connected.....check that.
    Also, the Encoder Battery Assembly in the rear of the arm.......do you know the condition of it?
    That error will definitely prevent MASTER ON.

  • After fixing the encoder issue. I backed up an older file and was able to get the robot moving using one of the older programs in the back up. I could only run the program in manual or "local teach mode" by hitting start on the oper panel. I could not jog the robot though. When I flipped it back to TEACH on the oper panel, again I still have an E-Stop so no luck getting Master ON in teach.

  • Nice, at least you've got further now.....error free and running a program..... :top:
    - MANUAL is not 'local teach mode' - it is a Manual Repeat Mode, which allows you to execute a motion program at FULL robot speed.
    - As you have the Safety Stop and Ext Stops linked out, consider the safety if continuing using this mode - ie restrict access to the robot working envelope.

    If you go into Manual Mode, and remove the Ext Estop links - do you get Estop/No Master On, like you do in Teach?
    - If so, then this has to be down to the X-LNE1 links required for Teach Mode.

    I have attached 2 images, 1 is for ALL the usual signals required and the other is the MASTER ON Conditions.
    - From the looks of the MASTER ON Conditions, Teach Plug and Teach OK signals look like they may be the missing conditions for Teach Mode.
    - May be pain staking, but I would be looking at the X-LNE1 links again, 1LL interface board connections and Robot Safety Unit to check these links again.....
    - I am sure, when installed on the 'usual customer' line......X-LNE1 signals are provided from the Station Controller, and AUTO/MANAUL/TEACH and MASTER ON modes are selected from there aswell as on the Controller.

  • Something additional for you to check that has come to mind - something you mentioned about the X24 not being on the Robot Safety Unit had me thinking:
    I have seen a couple of versions of C52.............C52B, C52D and C52G.
    All had different variations of X-LNE1 configurations.
    - Some had 24VDC provided external into X-LNE1 (from the external station controllers), and some were internally supplied from the Controller itself.
    - I think this was on pins 24(24VDC) and pins 23(0VDC) of X-LNE1......maybe worth a shot connecting 24V to pin 24 and 0V to pin 23 from an external 24v power supply and see if X24 lights up.
    - I also think the Teach Plug circuit on pin 18 requires 24VDC return, which would be supplied from pins 19/17 (if the controller is internally supplying 24VDC (you could measure this using a DVM across 18 and 17 and see if 24VDC is displaying).

  • figured it out a while back, I just got some free time to update this post.

    In order to jog it in teach mode, I had to remove the jumpers in:

    8-9 = Safety Stop CH1
    20-21 = Safety Stop CH2

  • Thanks for the feedback on this.
    - I always assumed the 'safety stop' was ignored during Teach, due to the 'safety stops' being tied in with safety gates - admittedly, never actually tested/verified this.....just assumed... :icon_redface:
    - I'll store this in the 'memory locker' should I come across this in the future, glad your perseverance paid off....... :bravo:

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