Load realtive job - userframe issue

  • Hello gentlemen,

    I have a relative job on DX100 MH50. I can save it normally to ftp or flash drive. When I try to load it back to the controller the "error 3190: error in job record" arises with code 12, which is said to mean "Record on the teaching coordinates for relative job FRAME is wrong for the format."

    I found that the cause of the error is the RJ teach frame UF#(25) or higher, for UF#(24) and lower numbers everything works fine.

    Why is it so?

    Best regards,

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  • This was a bug on very very old software versions of DX-100. It was fixed at software version 1.5 and higher. Any user frame higher then 25 could not be loaded.

    So, I guess you can live with it... or get an upgrade of your software.


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