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    Hi -

    I've been asked about what tools are required to grease a robot. Can anyone share their experience and what they typically use to do a good job. What grease zerks are needed?

    Do you use anything for the outlet?


    This was a bug on very very old software versions of DX-100. It was fixed at software version 1.5 and higher. Any user frame higher then 25 could not be loaded.

    So, I guess you can live with it... or get an upgrade of your software.


    Thanks Nation.

    On Yaskawa robots, the FSU factors in both a tool model and also the TCP. So changing TCP values from a robot job becomes impossible. It appears Fanuc has a slightly different approach.

    Hello Fanuc Forum,

    Does Fanuc have an option that updates the TCP based on measurements taken from a laser ring? The subsequent robot programming is automatically adjusted based on the updated TCP data. For ABB, this function is called Bullseye and for Motoman it is called Tool Sight.

    - With Motoman, this TCP adjustment function is not possible because their FSU safety system (same as DCS) prevents the tool from being updated on the fly. Essentially, the tool TCP becomes part of the safety system, thus eliminating the ability to update it from an "un-safe" device.

    - How does Fanuc get around this? Is it simply just applying a temporary "shift" to each weld point instead of physically modifying the tool data ?

    Insight is appreciated :)


    - If your using a good insight micro then yes you can calibrate into mm's. They can also adjust for lens distortion using the transform commands... but my guess is that your using a micro 1050 or some other model that doesn't have PatMax feature.

    The serial port on a motoman robot is good for 2 things...
    1) Data backup to a computer
    2) DCI function

    The DCI function allows someone to store jobs and variables on a computer. The robot DCI function will access the computer over the serial port. On the robot side, you program using the command called SAVEV and LOADV. These commands connect to Motoman's computer program called Visual DCI and nothing else.

    The insight software tricks the motoman robot by emulating the Visual DCI software. So when the computer thinks it's talking to Visual DCI it's actually talking with the Cognex...

    The DVT doesn't have this ability to emulate the Visual DCI function

    So, you either need to purchase the serial port option for your cognex camera or you need to purchase an ethernet/ip card for your robot.


    1) Serial commands are non-existent in Motoman NX-100 robots. So switching to DVT will not be of any benefit to you.

    2) With the In-Sight product, Cognex "baked" in support for the Motoman robots. Motoman has a function called DCI which is typically used to send/receive job and variable data to a PC. On In-Sight, when you select Motoman for the serial port it emulates the DCI function so it now becomes compatible with Motoman robots. The DCI function of the robot is what will read/write data to the camera's spreadsheet.

    Again, you will either need to get the serial port option for your Cognex or the Ethernet/IP option for your Motoman robot.


    You need to use ethernet/IP for the robot as well or like I said use serial on your camera to the robot.

    The robot ethernet port is not capable of interfacing with other devices such as your camera. It is meant as a means to do backups, etc... The INFORM language on NX-100 is weak. It can not open a connection to the camera and retrieve data values.

    Fabian just posted an example robot program running Ethernet/IP


    I have never tried doing ethernet to the cognex direct. In theory the serial method should work the same as Ethernet but that is just theory. ..

    EthernetIP is an option for motoman

    Serial is an option for cognex

    Your stuck in the middle


    are you using Ethernet or Ethernet/IP?

    I'm going to guess ethernet for now... In which case it may prove difficult. I've never really tried to do direct ethernet on NX. Documentation from Yaskawa that I've seen is sparce... With my experience, I'd say you have 2 options that I've done in this past

    1) Serial
    2) Ethernet/IP


    Has anyone ever tried to implement a PC program using socket communication? I've used MotoCOM many times but I'm wanting to try with sockets now. I'm not very strong with socket programming but I'm wanting to learn.

    I've tried to send the CONNECT Robot_access<CR><LF> command but I do not get response back from the robot.

    Any ideas?
    Any sample code you can share?