Controlling solenoid valve through the IRC5 controller.

  • Hello,
    I have a question about how to control solenoid valve through the IRC5. So, I managed to connect everything, and If I can ask, I want to know if everything is okey. The external 24V power supply("+") is connected to the solenoid valve, "-" is connected to 0 in XS7 cable from the IRC5 and signal cables are connected to solenoid valve. Is that allright ? I'm freshman, just started with robotics, electric and stuff so plz be patient :)
    Sorry for my bad english.
    There is the photo:
    The second question(I think it's stupid and easy but i really dont know what is going on) is why on the output from the XS7 I/O there are 44 female pins ? There is the circuit:…uitdiagramIRC5Compact.png
    And the photo from IRC5:
    On the circuit I can see only 20 lines with 0 and 24 V x2. Guys pleas halp.

    Sry for my bad english.

    Regards, Paul.

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  • +24V needs to be wired to one of the outputs on XS7 of you want to be able to control it from the robot and 0V needs to be wired to the power-supply (XS10).

    On your diagram you're only looking at the output portion on the page before that you have 16 inputs and 0V reference, e.g. another 17 pins/wires.

  • Okey, thank you very much for reply !
    So, I don't have XS10 port, I have a older version of IRC5, like this:…m/webwiz/450/Original.jpg
    I don't know why but when I have opened controller, then I saw that I have connected 24 V to pins 41 and 42, but I don't know where those cables come from because there are tons of them and I don't want to disconnect it. Can I just connect 24 V from pin 41 or 42(dont know which one yet) to "+" on solenoid valve, guide it through the rest 3 valves that I have and to the "-" on valves connect digital outputs from IR5 ? I have to add that I have to control each of those 4 valves separately.

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