RJ3 R2000 İB İmaj Backup

  • AS long as the memory configuration is the same between both of the robots then there would be no physical problem. You would have to master the robot.The programs and I/O would need to be corrected.
    Why do you want to do this?

  • The robot image was taken because I don't have the opportunity to review. Only the image of the robot. I/O would be enough to change the settings? Trumpf laser robot and connected to the interbus configuration detail, I don't know.

  • Typically you would have an all files backup for the robot you want to restore.
    You could then load the image from the "other" robot and load the all files backup on top of that.
    There are concerns if the software between the 2 robots is different because then variable files would not be compatible.

    Other circumstances where you would do this are; you had to replace the cpu and had to reload software and didn't have the original software or a backup, or you purchased another robot and want to load the same type of software and options as the robot you already have. The second condition is pirating Fanuc software and in some R30iA robot controller models Fanuc has added a check to the image loading to prevent this. All models after that will NOT allow you to load an image on a robot that is from another robot

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