RJ2 420 İ W Not Calibration

  • Fanuc ' RJ2 420 IR W somehow I can not calibrate my robot . Added details if you help someone in a way ; I'm very happy. I want to tell my problem from the beginning. ' RJ2 420 IR W' robots when I was finished batteries . There was no calibration . All software had entered a very different situation . After a while I read the book I started working on robots. I did not in any way can not move at first. After doing some short-circuit in the inbox as described in the book along with the robot opening the " PREV and NEXT 'button to press together ' UNIT, START' I started in options . robot opened with many errors after doing some initial settings. ' IMSTP , SRVO - 075, SRVO - 062' ' like a robot , after making the necessary adjustments to correct many errors ' I move on 'JOIN ' position. Mean while it makes no mistakes. My robot is moving smoothly and no alarm .' Variables $ DMR_GRP $ MASTER_COUN,$ REF_POS, $ REF_COUN' all looks the value to zero. According to the reset line later on I'm going to set my robot calibration. It's like ninety degrees as described in my book robot . After this point in the book , and I do the calibration method described in the brochure which can I do after the calibration process ' SRVO -050 group1 A3 ' I get the error . I also take this alarm is ' WORD ' position X, Y, Z direction crashes in most places we do and is made apparent shift in axis. Then ' JOIN ' movement 're not even in my swirl robot , the robot is crashing like a place to stand . ' RJ2 420 I W' if you help robots for the pre- set calibration and I 'm so glad. Respect for everyone.... :help:

  • I hope you have an all of above backup! Because with the init start you have reset your robot to factory settings. Meaning all programs, all IO settings, all system variables, all frames, ... are set to factory settings. Also in the $ DMR_GRP $ MASTER_COUNT there should not be zero!

    If you have an all of above backup:
    - Restore in controlled start
    - Reset the pulsecoder alarm (RESPCA) and reboot
    - Calibrate

    If you don't have an all of above:
    - Put all axis on the zero marks and perform a zero position mastering
    - Calibrate
    - Your robot is masterd now and will be able to move in cartesian frames, all your other settings are lost with the init start....

    You probably had an SRVO-062 BZAL after replacing the batteries (replaced them with power off???)
    This is what you had to do:
    - RESPCA and reboot
    - Calibrate

    Wish you good luck!

  • I can not tell you that was so very helpful . My english is not my problem from this site for anyone not well understood very well . Write what you 'll do tomorrow . I write to you must answer. Thank you very much again. :merci: :merci: :merci:

  • I figured fault completely. After calibration is finished " SYSTEM-MOTION F1 ' in ' AXIS PAYLOAD' After entering the settings in the same place ' IDENT 'section of the ' PAYLOAD CALİBRATİON' was supposed to do . After the open -close and we do not give a SRVO -050 alarm. :uglyhammer2:

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