IRB2000 service manual and identification

  • Hi all.

    I have bought a IRB2000 robot, it is in pretty good condition but lacking a service manual.

    Has anyone got a manual for this one? Also I am unsure of the controller version, I suppose it is a S3 but the M number is unknown, seems there are many different version.

    Please see attachment, any help will be very much appreciated.


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  • Why do you think that?
    ABB make it sound like S2 was only used for robots with DC motors. And when they switched to AC motors, S3 was used.
    Every IRB2000 i can find on google has S3 control. The servo drives are YTE 120A

  • It looks like a very early S3 cabinet, to find out the year of the software press MANUAL button, then scan button until ERRORS appears, press shift key (double ended arrow) until something like IRB2000 (robot type) DB/1 (program version) and 8905 (year/week) appears. There may be a data label inside one of the big plastic covers over axes 2 or 3.
    Early drive boards were YTE102 and 3 different types are needed, YTE102B for axes 1 & 3, YTE102C for axis 2 and YTE102A for axes 4,5 & 6
    I've got drawings for 1987, 90, 91A and possibly 93 model years but they are paper so I would have to scan them if needed.

  • There should be a serial number sticker on the side with the cabinet Type (M88 M90 etc).
    This is a very early S3 cabinet with the switches that are 'made' when pendant is in the cabinet (also a push in keyswitch for manual/ auto). Some of these had tacho feedback and coarse/ fine resolvers, sync switches etc.

    I have some M88 to M93 manuals let me have your email then I can send you a download link.

    BR<br />prnuk2003

  • I cant find that sticker, but i am pretty sure it is a m87 by now.
    I have Got hold of the m88 manuals, but i see some minor differences in the actual wiring and schematic.
    If anyone has manuals for m87 i would be interrested in the error list part and schematic

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