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ABB Robot Forum / ABB M94A SBV/SDG boot files
« Last post by freaders on Today at 09:05:30 AM »
Hello, Im having an issue with repairing my old robot IRB1400.
My 3HAB2233 was faulty so i had to replace it and i ordered new one which have EEPROMs SBV and SDG that is not compatible with my diskete set that i have for old EEPROMs RHK and RHJ. I tried to swap the EEPROMs but i think the old ones may be faulty because Im getting TPU lost contact when Im trying to install second disk no matter what disk I insert.
Is there any way to get the diskete set for IRB1400 with EEPROMs SBV and SDG? My email is
If anyone had any informations i would be super grateful.
Thank you very much!
KUKA Robot Forum / Adjust the manual speed in T2 mode to 30
« Last post by km427 on Today at 08:56:17 AM »
I have a kuka KRC2 ,210 L150
After turning off the robot, the manual speed in T2 mode is set to 10 but i want change .
How can I change this speed, set to 30 or 50 after turning off every time?
please help me . :help:
Hi all,

Because of growing production and difficulties of finding skilled workers we are looking at robot options to help us with our welding parts.

This will be our first robot and we dont have any experience at all. Unfortunately we dont have the budget to afford a new installation so we are looking for a used/refurbished robot from a well known company.

Our products are 850x730x150mm and have a max weight of 30kg, the robot will be mostly used to weld steel in 2 -3mm thickness. We think that a robot with a reach of +/- 1500mm with an H positioner should be able to weld most, probably all, of our parts.

I have been offered two different installations from two different well known supplier (for refurbished robots). I would like to know if someone can give some comments on which installation they would prefer and why.

first opion ABB1400
- refurbished Robot ABB 1400 controller S4c+ with M2000 software
- K type manipulator with atleast 250kg payload and 2000m+ between heads
- new Fronius TPs320i welder
- Torch cleaning station
- fully tested, serviced repainted and comes with a 90 day parts warranty

second option Kuka
- KUKA KR15 with 1.500 mm arm reach, refurbished.
- KRC2 controller based on WinXP, KUKA software KSS 5.2.14, 32 Digital I/O
- Kempi 400 Amp welding machine
- H positioner 2.5 meter 500kg load capacity
- cleaning installation

install and training will be quoted extra

There is a 10.000 euro difference between the installations, ABB installatin being cheaper.
KUKA Robot Forum / Re: New technologies with Usertech
« Last post by AndrewWang on Today at 07:41:14 AM »
 Exactly, you could take use of kuka dlls to develop your own inline formula or status key bar instead of using usertech .Normally can you do that in case that you were in the development team of KUKA and what's more , kuka will not be liable to this when some damage or injuries  caused by your own packages. So i would like to suggest you to develop your own packages based on KUKA Technologies. Thanks
thank you for guidance me .
solved the problem .
 :merci: :merci:
Hi Kswitz,

I have checked and there is only 1 cube being used.

KUKA Robot Forum / Re: jumper list safety board 00-134-932 for KRC2
« Last post by km427 on Today at 06:46:51 AM »
thank you
solved the problem . :merci: :merci:
Yaskawa Motoman Robot Forum / Intermediate bit issue......
« Last post by nilpatil on Today at 05:49:05 AM »
While in auto cycle if we hold the robot in between while it is on arcon() instruction or on timer instruction we lose intermediate output bit ....I have made some adjustment for now in plc program but i want to know if there something we can do about it from the robot side ?   well the robot i am using is MA1440 and controller is dx200.
Yaskawa Motoman Robot Forum / Re: How to work with real time in DX200
« Last post by nilpatil on Today at 05:30:05 AM »
why dont you use retentive timer in plc program and once it reaches expected time then you can run the clean kit program ....
Fanuc Robot Forum / Re: srvo-062
« Last post by aishpd on Today at 02:22:11 AM »
Is there a particular axis you are getting this alarm on? This alarm may come even if you have new batteries installed. The reason for this is bad pulsecoder cable or battery connection.
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