Robot News October 2021

On our German channel, we have been doing a monthly segment of robot news for the past year, and now the same format is available on our English channel as well!

Each month, we present you the latest developments, innovations and other news from the world of robotics.

In October 2021, we have the following topics:

1. Robots can now clean the sea floor

2. Agile Robots becomes the world's first robotics unicorn

3. Leica's new camera system for robots and drones

4. Museum of the Future opened in Nuremberg

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Click here to watch our October News!

Since we are from Germany, our news often contain topics from Germany and Europe, but we hope you have fun anyway.

And of course, please like and subscribe, we are currently posting videos biweekly, but once we get more followers, we will start posting weekly.

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