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    I delete the KL 1500K directory than cold started the system. Results;





    first "read first"

    KSS Version and so on

    You are right, sorry.

    I just started the robot and I took some photos for you before taking any action and also I have attached the DEVNET.INI and IOSYS.INI file as compressed.

    I don't know why, but since the day I edited the DEVNET.INI and IOSYS.INI file, I get the unknown operation mode error the first time I run the robot.

    It is fixed when I turn it off and on a few times.

    Or when the robot is energized but not moving, I disconnect the XS2 connector and plugging it back in and it 's fixed to T1 mode.















    All of the images just 3.09 MB and it's not stored at Robot-Forum servers.

    sounds like you did more than you admit. there should be no folder KRC:\KL1500K

    After I converted the system components from V KRC 2 to KRC 2 electronically(Handle wiring etc.), I backed up the image in the hard disk of the computer and install (with some Kuka Expert suggestion - and he gave me the new image file for HDD) another image.

    Maybe the robot that owns the image I just uploaded had a KUKA KL1500/2 Linear track? or maybe I just install the wrong HDD image for this robot?

    Thank you in advance for your support.

    Hello everyone,

    I am newbie at KUKA Robots.

    We bought a used KUKA (V)KR C2 Robot for our business and with the guidance of my two helpful friends, I was able to convert the Auto-Ext mode to T1 mode and used the robot for a while in this way.

    I purchased the following equipment to operate the magnetic gripper I designed for this robot.

    • WAGO 750-306 Fieldbus Coupler DeviceNet
    • WAGO 750-504 4-channel digital output; 24 VDC; 0.5 A
    • WAGO 750-402 4-channel digital input; 24 VDC; 3 ms
    • WAGO 750-600 End Module
    • WAGO 788-710 Solid-state relay module

    But after connect the WAGO equipments and change the DEVNET.INI and IOSYS.INI some problems appear;

    • DNDRV ERROR CreateInstance faile
    • DNDRV RdCfgErr 5
    • DNDRV WrCfgErr 5
    • Configuration error I/O driver DN2DRV
    • Controller booted
    • Module not unique in robot system: KRC:\KL1500K\R1\$machine.dat and KRC:\STEU\Mada\$machine.dat
    • Module not unique in robot system: KRC:\KL1500K\Steu\$custom.dat and KRC:\STEU\Mada\$custom.dat
    • Module not unique in robot system: KRC:\KL1500K\Steu\$machine.dat and KRC:\STEU\Mada\$machine.dat KRC:\KL1500K\Steu\$option.dat and KRC:\STEU\Mada\$option.dat
    • Accu-voltage at PM1 below 22 during last buffering.
    • Drives contactor off
    • An unspecified error occurred: D:\
    • Initialization in progress
    • Initialization in finished
    • PowerOn finished.
    • EMERGENCY STOP External Emergency Stop Pressed

    Robot can not communicate with WAGO even I change Output status by manually on monitor menu.

    What did I do wrong? How can I fix these problems?

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