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    I missed that fubini's post, but having gone through them replacing the BAS (#BASE, 1) with $BASE=EK(MACHINE_DEF[2].ROOT,MACHINE_DEF[2].MECH_TYPE,BASE_DATA[1]:{x 0,y 0,z 0,a 0,b 0,c 0})

    Seems to have done the trick.. thanks again Robot-Forum!

    Hi All,

    Robot: KR 120 R2700 extra HA

    KSS: V8.3.29

    Turntable: KP1-V500-1000

    I'm working with a robot setup with a turn table and I have to switch tools during the KRL, I initialise using base 1, which is set to 0,0,0,0,0,0 which is on the top centre of the turntable.

    The integrator setup the tool change for different sawblades on the spindle, my code works well until I load the subroutine, where it successfully picks the new blade using BASE 2, once the subroutine is completed in my parent KRL I have used several KRL codes (see below) to switch back to BASE 1.

    Seems to be one of two things happen, either it doesn't accept the command and the active base remains set to BASE 2 or BASE 1 is selected, and shown on the smart pad, but it loses the turn table and is using the robot root coordinate system?

    Code attempted immediately after leaving the subroutine was:

    BAS (#BASE, 1)
    $BASE = BASE_DATA[1]

    None worked in the way I expected. Reset the program, and base 1 is once again with the turntable?

    1. Login to UserGroup Expert

    2. Open file C:\KRC\SmartHMI\Config\Authentication.config

    3. At approximately line 10 and 14 change the values of the LeaseTime to 0 or extend to desired timeout value. A value of zero (0) will prevent logout due to timeout. Otherwise, the value is in seconds.

    4. <LeaseTIme>300</LeaseTime> to <LeaseTime>0</LeaseTime>

    5. Save and close the file.

    6. Cold Boot the controller

    Interestingly enough I have tested on KSS 8.3.X and 8.7 controllers, but have yet to succeed with Office Lite. Its not a great hindrance, just means I am working side by side with controllers.

    So after a little time away from the controllers over Christmas break I jumped back on my problem of krl_mount not successfully mounting and creating a file. Thanks to a little back and forth with KUKA, I'm pretty sure we've found the miscellaneous setting in windows:

    Under Windows Features > Turn Windows features on or off you have to ensure that SMB1.0/CIFS File Sharing Support is selected. Microsoft recommends its disabled for safety reasons, and it was definitely not selected on my machine.

    Thanks for the help guys.

    Thanks for the recommendation Joel, I'll check it shortly. I always used the login for a local user on the windows on the laptop where the folder was located.

    You are changing your minds like a flag changing direction depending on the wind.

    While I appreciate taking the time to help, this is just not the case. I have had one goal in mind since posting in this thread, successfully mount and create a file via krl_mount with the intention of writing to file, but have yet to succeed.

    If you mean changing my mind in as in switching from OL to KR C, in my post 46 I clearly updated where I am and what I've attempted with results and current code.

    I think the next step is to try another computer, perhaps there is some miscellaneous setting on my laptop, if the problem persists I can at the very least rule that out.

    Well, you should definitely ensure that no other computer is accessing that share by the same credentials before attempting NET USE, or KRL_MOUNT. NET USE /DELETE would dismount it from Windows before trying it from KRL.

    I'm not sure what's going on here. I've done this in the past (though not with OL), and didn't have this kind of trouble.

    I definitely deleted before attempting with KRL. So far I have definitely been able to connect with net use and within windows explorer on the controller. KUKA have me constantly checking permissions on the folders, but if I can read/write on the drive via windows explorer, its obviously shared. I switched from OL to KRC Kss 8.3.28 as per previous posts.

    I am no longer working with OL. I am on KR C with my laptop connected via KLI. The directory exists on my laptop and is accessible via windows on the controller: \\\Share

    krl_mount refuses to connect, with error -2.

    check my post #46

    If you want to use a directory called by your krl code

    then the directory must exist (in your case it is c:\KRC\ROBOTER\UserFiles\test\)

    Is that not for local read/write on the controller itself. not on a mounted drive like I'm attempting? take this code:

    cwrite($FCT_CALL, state, mode1, "krl_mount", "/test", "//", "kuka", "0B0D0E42DBF83DB8F740013D3E2E694CD3")

    You're saying it should create c:\KRC\ROBOTER\UserFiles\test\, but the documentation states if the folder doesn't exist, cwrite creates it.

    I'm not entirely clear on what you're showing me in those images? Is the computer management the controller or my laptop?

    Did you have any success, Mom? My OL would mount the drive, but always fail at creating the file.

    On the KSS 8.3.28 controller I can't even successfully mount, let alone read/write.

    You've lost me. I am attempting to mount a directory on my laptop via // (I stopped trying office.lite in case that was the problem), the controller is I can see the folder on the controller, its accessible and writable.

    What other IP would be used for LAN?

    Thanks for the responses, guys. Since it seems Office.Lite and/or VMware could be causing some networking issue I've moved to a controller running KSS 8.3.28. KUKA recommended adding a function call to krl_fclose_all prior to attempting any mount.

    I have connected my laptop to the controller.

    Minimised the HMI and navigated to the folder (\\\Share) to ensure its there.

    Logged in with user "kuka" & pw "kuka" and sure enough I can access the shared folder from the windows side on the controller.

    Double checked the khash for the password.

    Updated the KRL as follows:

    and yet no luck with the directory mounting. kuka just have me going in circles constantly checking the shared folder permissions.. I don't know where else to look.

    Well, I can go to the lab next door and jump on the quantec with 8.3.X.. but I never even got a mount there. Very curious.

    As for the hash question, if its a shared folder on my laptop, I hash the password for the local user on my laptop win10, not the KukaUser password that you hash to mount locally.

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