Changing bases with a turn table

  • Hi All,

    Robot: KR 120 R2700 extra HA

    KSS: V8.3.29

    Turntable: KP1-V500-1000

    I'm working with a robot setup with a turn table and I have to switch tools during the KRL, I initialise using base 1, which is set to 0,0,0,0,0,0 which is on the top centre of the turntable.

    The integrator setup the tool change for different sawblades on the spindle, my code works well until I load the subroutine, where it successfully picks the new blade using BASE 2, once the subroutine is completed in my parent KRL I have used several KRL codes (see below) to switch back to BASE 1.

    Seems to be one of two things happen, either it doesn't accept the command and the active base remains set to BASE 2 or BASE 1 is selected, and shown on the smart pad, but it loses the turn table and is using the robot root coordinate system?

    Code attempted immediately after leaving the subroutine was:

    BAS (#BASE, 1)
    $BASE = BASE_DATA[1]

    None worked in the way I expected. Reset the program, and base 1 is once again with the turntable?

  • And if you want to not loose geometric coupling to the external kinematic read about the EK command. When asxigning the base like you its not associated with the table.


  • The call of bas(#base, 1) should do the trick for itself.

    But if turntable is integrated into transformation just setting $base and $act_base is not enough,

    Unfortunately not, BAS (#BASE, 1) still loses the turntable as its root?

  • I missed that fubini's post, but having gone through them replacing the BAS (#BASE, 1) with $BASE=EK(MACHINE_DEF[2].ROOT,MACHINE_DEF[2].MECH_TYPE,BASE_DATA[1]:{x 0,y 0,z 0,a 0,b 0,c 0})

    Seems to have done the trick.. thanks again Robot-Forum!

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