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    I haven't found a solution to the above problem yet, but at least I have found a way to install the package without errors:

    - Start from a clean backup of the officelite virtual machine

    - Install the directoryloader package from the Smart HMI menu (avoid installation in Workivisual and then deploy to the officelite)

    Hi everyone,

    I am starting to work with the package Kuka DirectoryLoader

    I can install it correctly in the workivisual project and deploy it in Kuka OfficeLite 8.6.

    But the end of the deploy requires a reboot of the controller, after the reboot I have the following error (in the screens the full text): Error while reading the variable: {0}! {DirectoryLoaderProcessException} Source="KukaRoboter.SmartHMI.DirectoryLoader.

    This error will cause a shutdown of the smatHMI so I cannot even try to debug the issue.

    Hello to everyone,

    I have an EtherCAT communication with an EL6692 between my software and the Kuka robot, nothing incredible.

    In the past, using same hardware, when I was closing my software I always had these errors in SmartPAD (see left of image below).

    These yellow errors are ok, but now I am working with same configuration on another robot that should be almost same, but I am receiving the following errors (see right of image below) when I am closing the software.

    There is a way/flag/variable/system variable to disable the red error? the red error is not good because it needs a confirm, while the yellow errors are fine because the simply disappeared when I reopen the software. Thank you in advance

    I try to explain this strange problem I am having:

    - I put mode AUT

    - select my main program

    -I start the main that does the reset of my signals (out34 is placed to true in this case) and the BCO and I go to my wait for command from signals

    - Now is the problem: I change mode to T1, immediately the out34 goes to false!!!

    It is the same if start with T1 and you put AUT after or EXT.

    Please help me.

    Hello to everyone,

    I am facing a specific problem: I am able to connect SimPro with Officelite, but the motion of the robot in SimPro has always an important delay when I select and start a program in the Officelite SmartPAD, moreover if the motion is quite long the delay is so important that SimPro crashes and it says the classical windows message on the top bar "the application does not respond", for example when the robot needs to move a lot on the rail.

    It seems like the axis velocities in SimPro are all changed by a "linear" factor, this delay factor could simply be caused by connection delay? or even a setting in SimPro, OfficeLite, VRC?

    I have contacted Kuka support, they told me that it could be a graphic problem in SimPro, but I really do not think so, here my pc:…laptop/s010p755015us_vivp

    Additional information:

    - I am using VMware 15.0.2 build-10952284 with Officelite on a second computer (do not ask why :loudly_crying_face:) with 4gb of ram dedicated, bridge network adapter (I really hope this is not the problem because with Bridge I was able to solve some extra problems I had with license and other external program)

    - Kuka SimPro is installed on my main computer, link above

    - VRC is licensed, in fact I can perform connection

    Hello to everyone, thank you in advance

    I have this question about Kuka language:

    When I am in the middle of some approximated points (C_DIS with LIN or PTP motions, I use a while loop to generate the whole trajectory), there is a way to put a counter in order to know where the robot is ? the problem is that all the logic is executed immediately by the advance pointer.

    In other words, how can I know where the program pointer is during approximations?

    I need this because I want to be able to recover from the middle of the trajectory in case the operator deselect programs, right now I am saving all motion data in a matrix already.

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