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    Hello robotics community,

    I have a pretty straightforward question in regards to an art project with a wiper motor and an inverter.

    Here's the wiper motor :…wiper-motor/acd0/15036008

    Here's the 12 to 120 inverter : (specs are output 12v 10a)

    Wiper motor has five wires : black, purple, green, yellow and grey

    Connected it to a car battery, and found that it ran at high speed with black on (-) and purple on (+). No response on any of the other wires, which I did not expect, as my research had seemed to uncover multiple speeds with different configurations.

    So my intention is to use the wiper motor with a 12->120 inverter. I connected it to my inverter, and found that the speed decreased substantially, too much decrease for my project.


    1 . Is the cause of this speed slowdown- the difference in amps output between the car batter and the inverter?

    2. Could anyone suggest a DIY on the fly simple analog speed adjustment solution?

    (Id love to be able to pick up 100% of my parts at a local hardware store)

    3. Any idea on why my other 3 wires are doing nothing? I expected one of those non-working 3 wires to be a slow speed option in the (+) position. It's possible that one of the wires is bad etc.

    Blessings to all the helpers in these forums, you are really appreciated!:love:

    I was hoping to address the concerns over feasibility in the original post by saying it's not top heavy... This will be in a performance/gallery setting.

    More details - There will be no people in the area of the artwork, and like I said in the original post, it's not top heavy at all... it will be a separate area viewed as a performance, and 400 lbs is the projected weight of the entire thing - wheels, platform, battery and art, the art will be in its dimensions, about 4 ft x 4 ft wide x 2.5 ft tall.

    The artwork will be moving at a very slow speed. Id like it to change directions, perhaps every minute or so, after traversing maybe 5 to 8 ft over the span of a minute. The space is empty - no "crashing into stuff"

    I didn't say anything in the original post anything about budget restrictions, so Im not sure why that keeps coming up. If I need to put a price figure on this, Id prefer to keep it in the $1,000 budget range, but Im open to all options.

    Is anyone open to giving advice on a build?

    Much appreciation to moderators Lemster and 'panic mode' who have given me a start to researching the nature of AGV's, although Id love to look into a more DIY workflow too.

    Seeking Advice on Robotic Art Project: $25 Reward

    I am making a fairly simple robotic art project and would love advice on the build. I will send a check for $25 to whoever gives the most simple, workable guidelines to help me!

    The idea is a randomly moving artwork on 4 wheels, rolling on a flat concrete floor indoors, at fairly slow speed within a gallery.

    I probably need to run it off a car battery and will use 4 wheels that will run off some programing. The programming will be intended to run it continuously, moving at random distances and directions. I will have to stop it from hitting walls and other objects with sensors etc. The size is about 8 feet long by 4 feet wide and 3 feet high and will weight about 400 pounds. It is not top heavy, so no worries about stability.

    What is the simplist, most elegant way to carry this out?

    Please offer advice on wheels, wheel hardware and programming platform details. Thank you to the amazing community here for your feedback!

    Robo Bird