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    One thing I have seen ad hoc: you have connected 88 to 89 and 106 to 107, so may be you have blown a fuse.

    May be you should contact a person that's used to handle with schematics and electric equipment. jm2c.

    Electric guy did that mistake. When I checked after him I found that mistake. Can you explain me where I can find that fuse?

    Found this in PDF.

    This is how it looks like from my side. Photo was taken before changes. Now after 3 checks im 100% sure that all cables are correct. Major problem now is that I have error "EMERGENCY SHUTDOWN" "EXTERNAL EMERGENCY SHUTDOWN" "Illegal operating mode (?)"

    Tried to do this but nothing happened. Still have information about "Operator Safety / Gate Open". I made jumper between those 2 channels. Should I restart everything?

    Well, the first question is, how is your Operator Safe signal pair connected to the robot? On most KRC2s, it would be through the cabinet X11 connector, but you haven't provided any details about your exact KRC2 model, or your specific safety interface.

    The first quick test would be to unplug the X11 cable from your external safeties, and temporarily plug in an X11 "shorting" jumper. If this solves the OpSafe signal issue, then we know the problem is in the wiring outside the KRC. If it doesn't, then the issue is internal to the KRC.

    The other check would be to disconnect the X11 plug from the KRC, and perform continuity checks on the pins for the OpSafe signals. From the KRC, your safety devices should appear electrically as simple relay contacts. OpSafe has two channels, A and B, and your safety wiring should connect one of the X11 Test A outputs to the OpSafe-A input, and one of the Test B outputs to the OpSafe-B input (only when the safety gates/barriers/scanners are in a safe condition, of course).

    Exactly, KRC2 is connected to PILZ through X11. Wiring diagram

    Could you explain me how can I exactly make shorting jumper?

    Robot was working correctly 1 month ago. But KRC2 was shaking - cabinet was cleaned and after 2-3 weeks I tested it but batteries were completly dead. When I turned off robot it lost some informations becuase It shut down so fast. Batteries were replaced and after 2 days during test that message appeared. I can normally weld in T2 mode but I have to hold switches on KCP.

    According to PILZ led error I've read that…solutions/articles/181032

    But nothing was done with PILZ and safety. I have no idea why it turned red.

    Hi everyone!

    Can't solve problem with message0 "Operator Safety / Gate Open". Can't move robot in AUT mode. IN T1/T2 it moves without any problem. I know that something connected with safety is not letting it work. I've already read previous topics my $MACHINE.DAT is ok

    Additionaly I have red LED on PILZ on "FAULT" position. I suppose this may be connected.
    Does anyone have any suggestions?