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    If anyone is familiar with ABB IRC5, there are system inputs that will allow the controller to load robot programs into the active task from its own internal hard drive. I have previously used this on jobs that have thousands of points per part in order to minimize the disk space in the current task. When the operator selects a certain job, the PLC will signal the robot to load that part's series of programs. I am trying to do something similar with Kuka. The R1 file has hundreds of robot programs in it and there is not enough space, however if there was a way to only load the needed program at the time, this would solve the issue without having to reprogram the entire job. Does anyone know of a way that this can be done, whether it be from within the Kuka's memory or an external source?

    Delete those INI folds in the subroutines, and try a different interrupt number, f. e. number 1.

    For whatever reason I changed the interrupt from 5 to 10 and now it works. The manual doesn't say anything about 5 being a reserved number or anything, I'm scratching my head as to why it wouldn't work. Thanks for the help.

    Here are the full code snippets. I tried to condense for readability.

    The start and end points are roughly 1.5 meters away. The robot travels to the end point without triggering the interrupt and stopping.

    I am trying to write a simple search interrupt that stops motion when an input is received and record the point, then go to an offset of that point. See code below.

    I am unable to get the interrupt to trigger and stop the robot. I have verified that 1041 is the correct input and that the input is not on when the interrupt is turned on. If anyone has any ideas as to why this would be the case it would be appreciated.

    I have a search routine that consists of a number of SearchL instructions. Occasionally I will get the ERR_SIGSUPSEARCH error where the signal is already high (or low) when the search starts.

    I am attempting to include error handling where if this error happens, the robot should retry the entire procedure. However I have only been able to find the RETRY command, but this just restarts the program at the search where the error happened. Does anyone know of a way I could retry the entire procedure? I attempted to do a GOTO from the error to the top of the procedure but this is not allowed.


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