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    Hi All,

    I'm working on a training pack for some operators and maintenance and I want to show some screenshots of certain situations they need to avoid. Part of this is showing the faults they encounter on their actual cell, the most severe of these are rare faults triggering Stop Category 0. To do this I'm trying to simulate collisions in Roboguide but nothing really works. The collision detection for obstacles doesn't throw any fault and the DCS only throws the SRVO-402 position limit fault.

    So the question is does anyone know how to trigger a fault like SRVO-050 collision detection or SRVO-005 Overtravel in Roboguide? It doesn't matter which one as long as SHIFT-RESET is required.

    Thanks in advance for any info.

    For anyone with the same issue..

    I took zemog's suggestion and edited the Backdate.dt file changing the software version to something newer and this worked.

    This is what I see in backdate.dt..


    Version: V7.20P/16/None

    Build ID: V7.2032 5/16/2006


    Any idea what I can change the version to?

    I expected to see v5.11 and not v7.20P to be honest so I don't know what to change.

    I also read up about WinOLPC but I can't seem to get it anywhere.

    Hi Guys,

    I've been asked to look at a cell that has a R-2000iB/165CF and what I believe is an R-J3 controller (haven't been there yet but assuming this by the age of the cell).

    I'm trying to open the backup they've sent me but Roboguide is telling me I need v5.11 which isn't supported and I haven't found any info anywhere else referring to anything older than FRVRC530. Probably the oldest cell I've looked at so I don't know what I need to open these files. I can use Notepad++ but its not great.

    Any ideas?

    (Much appreciated)

    Hi All,

    I believe I need an 'Abort All' action to be able to move the arm via System Monitor action program..(I get SYST error when the main RSR program is not aborted).

    The application is for operator to move the Robot home at will by pressing a button on the panel. (The whole point is to make it easy for them as they don't want to touch the pendant).

    However I cannot find anywhere a variable or command to cause 'Abort All' without a real wired input that can't be simulated. (I know there is Abort instruction however it only aborts the current program.. which when used in a system monitor program, only aborts the monitor 'action' program.)

    Any info regarding System or program monitor, or Abort All by instruction would be greatly appreciated.


    Given you still have files left over I think maybe the permissions are stopping your backup.

    Controller reads and writes files 1,2,3.. and so on until it gets to one it is not allowed to copy or change. (Probably something related to system parameters or DCS).

    Check if there are user levels to your controllers (login and password), otherwise a system variable you need to enable/disable to allow the controller to access those files. Not 100% familiar with R30iB but there are definitely some access parameters in the older models.

    Do those files still exist on your flash drive after it fails?

    And so you're trying both an 'All the Above' backup with 50-60 files which fails and also an image backup with fails too?

    Is there an alternative port you can try? Some have a port on the pendant and on the controller.. assuming you're using usb.

    To be honest I doubt its backing up the 1st 10 files if its failing and leaving nothing behind. Sounds like it doesn't know the storage is there.


    Yes every file. It started backup (MD) and failed on 1st file, I pressed F4 to skip and failed on the next and so on. I've never heard of it before.

    --Forgot to add that 'permission denied' message appears on bottom left and only when CANCEL (F5) is selected.

    Hi All,

    Has anyone seen the 'permission denied' message when trying to make program (MD) backups? Program backup will start and fail on each individual file with the option to SKIP or CANCEL.

    I was attempting to take updated backups from an R30iA controller (which I have been able to backup before) by USB on a short visit to a site.

    Although it wasn't absolutely necessary, I'm wondering if there is a configuration that has been changed since I was there last, to restrict copying/saving to USB or backing up in general.

    The format FAT32 function worked for me in another issue previously and I did not try it this time.

    I am just curious if anyone has seen this before and dealt with it?

    The issues I was having were resolved by massula's suggestion of formatting the USB stick after 'Select Device' which I did on the teach pendant.

    However, I also pressed 'generate directory' (DIR) and used the 'up one level' to exit the file directory that came up. So really it could be either point that solved the problem.

    I was still unable to 'make a directory' to use as a folder to hold the backup as it kept saying "invalid directory name", but the USB was blank anyway so I just backed up 'all the above' to the USB openly.

    Thanks for all the responses.

    Thanks for the quick reply massula.

    No a different USB stick for each controller, but the same manufacturer (SanDisk) and size (16GB).

    I believe I saw the option to 'Format FAT32' under the select device option in |UTIL| or UTILITIES.

    "In the case of the RJ3 robot,.."

    Yes, that's what i thought of the Rj3 too, do you think that a format will solve the problem in this case?

    Also, I'm just assuming if the controller does not acknowledge the USB insertion, then the port is faulty, as I encountered this in one of the cells.

    I am having consistent problems making IMG and MD backups on both Rj3i and R30iA controllers for various robot arms. I'm told these robots have been backed up before and I have some documentation from both manuals and 'employee written directions'.

    The steps are very easy to follow, however, there is always some kind of problem I am unsure of how to navigate around.

    For example, on one R30iA controller I have tried to make an MD backup, the teach pendant will indicate "Directory not found" when trying to make a directory to save the files (pressing 'Enter' when I've typed in the name of the directory I want to create). In similar cells which are meant to be replicas of the same system the controller will allow me to make a directory but say "Cannot save to this device". On some controllers the teach pendant does not acknowledge insertion of the USB stick at all.

    I feel like there is something very simple I am missing here.

    In another case, an Rj3i controller, the file directory reads "UD1:\BACKUP\*.*" which indicates to me that the controller is accessing a file that does not exist as the stick I inserted was blank.

    Basically what I'm asking is does anyone have some concrete and detailed documentation of the robot IMG/MD backup procedures? I am fairly new to this area as you may gather :P