FRVRC Oldies

  • Hi Guys,

    I've been asked to look at a cell that has a R-2000iB/165CF and what I believe is an R-J3 controller (haven't been there yet but assuming this by the age of the cell).

    I'm trying to open the backup they've sent me but Roboguide is telling me I need v5.11 which isn't supported and I haven't found any info anywhere else referring to anything older than FRVRC530. Probably the oldest cell I've looked at so I don't know what I need to open these files. I can use Notepad++ but its not great.

    Any ideas?

    (Much appreciated)

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  • This is what I see in backdate.dt..


    Version: V7.20P/16/None

    Build ID: V7.2032 5/16/2006


    Any idea what I can change the version to?

    I expected to see v5.11 and not v7.20P to be honest so I don't know what to change.

    I also read up about WinOLPC but I can't seem to get it anywhere.

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