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    Hi Everyone, thank you so much for your responses. Please find my response below in red.

    Then there's the problem of 4000 different kinds of fasteners -- most vision systems cannot retain memory for more than a dozen or two shapes at any given time, at best. So expecting to present a completely random mix of 4000 different fasteners to the vision system and expect it to identify and pick out each one is... really pushing the technology envelope. Not to mention that the vision system would have to be taught, manually, each and every fastener, and then taught the pass/fail criteria for each fastener.

    We plan to have our own vision & processing module.

    Current idea to first bin pick an object, move it to an inspection station, classify it correctly and then store it in the correct category.

    My suggestion would be use some kind of shaker feeder to get one from the box, use a conveyor belt to move it to checking area, process it by camera and make some simple pneumatic sorting station with 2-3 lanes that you could make the sort easy. That should be well within budget. For final solution you need a very good scaning station that can recognize hundreds of different types and if they're in good condition, and you can either make a sorter yourself or just use a robot to drop it in a box, but I would avoid bin picking and just use some feeding mechanism to get to the station

    The modules that you mentioned namely - shaker feeder, conveyor belt, pneumatic station, feeding mechanism are available for purchase separately?

    Or would we need to build them using even more basic parts?

    Hi Affaltar, please find my answers below

    did you ever try robotic bin picking for just one kind of part, say 2" nail or 0.75" self tapping screw? once you succeed, multiply the problem by 4000.

    That's the system we are trying to build now. Is there some place I can decide things like:

    1) What kind of robotic arm I should go for? (5 or 6 DoF)

    2) What are the available options to purchase this robotic arm? (Feature and cost comparison)

    3) Basics of designing the other modules that can be implemented by a beginner

    4) For bin picking can Reinforcement learning be used?

    We want to build a proof of concept for potential industrial clients. So we want to keep cost minimal for now.

    From my research, a bin picking robotic arm could you used to pick and place objects in an inspection area. Once it is detected which category it belongs to, it can be moved to an area reserved for that category by the robotic arm itself.

    My questions are:

    1. Is the architecture proposed above doable? Are there better ways to do the same?

    2. How do I design the modules (robotic arm, control module for the arm, inspection system, storage area, packaging mechanism) within this architecture? Do open source solutions exist? Or do I buy that module?

    I hope I can ask more specific questions as the direction becomes clearer to me!

    Hi Everyone,

    I need help building an automated tool that takes roughly 4000 fasteners belonging to roughly 100 categories (types of screws, bolts, washers, nuts) and categorizes and inspects every fastener and packages together and labels those packages as "Category A - working", "Category B - Defective", "Category C - Working", etc.

    I need help with the mechanical & electrical design of this system.

    You can assume categorization and inspection is done using some vision based modules.



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