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    If you want to do a tool offset like hawkme said you would have to define that in your move instruction for example,



    L PR[10]100mm fine Tooloffset,PR[11]

    Other ways you can do this just an example.

    Are you modifying 1 payload in your program? What we do for example is we set payload 1 for just the weight of the tool. Then if the part we are picking is much heavier we would set the payload 2 which would be the weight of the tool plus the weight of the part we are picking. You will see the robot hesitate because you are changing the payload but if you robot is coming to a complete stop I would say you are faulting out and resting or something in your system config is wrong can you show us how you are setting the payload. A picture of you program would help a lot.

    Theo is the robot running all the time or are you starting the robot from the HMI. You could start a main program using the Prog Select. Then scan your barcode and wait for a value in SR[1]. Once you have your value you can then start your robot program weather you have vision or its a pick and place.

    If it is a brand new robot and you have not played around with any of the DCS zone settings. My only guess would be if you have not set the payload or the motions you are using maybe going through singularity. That would be my guess. Let me know what you figure out.

    We had a similar issue with three M-1ia robots one master two slaves. I assume you have the same setup, but the issue had to do with moving the conveyor when the robots were off. We only had one recipe that is the only difference I can see between our problems. We never had to reteach the Ref pos or the app Offset.

    If the PLC aborts all programs and then starts you back up you can do a simple check to see if you are home. If you are not home you can create a recovery program to make it home safely. I do not know how clear your path is after a crash to make it back home but it could be as simple as

    PR[X]= Lpos

    PR[X,3]= a specific Z height

    L PR[X]500mm/sec fine

    L PR[54Home]500mm/sec fine

    If it is more difficult you could use registers to know where you are in the program and work your way back through a recovery program.

    For example, if you crash at a pick point set a Register to 1 so you know your location of the crash, or if you are at a place point set that register to 2.

    The Scara SR3-iA has 400mm reach and 200mm stroke the next size up is the SR6-iA which has 650mm reach and 210mm stroke. If you need distance up and down in the quill a scara would not be an option. Also you have to take into consideration that the SR3-iA has 3Kg payload and SR6-iA has 6 Kg payload . The weight of your part will have a effect on you choice as well.

    If you go to system configure you should see Cstop to abort all programs. I think that is what you are missing. Do you have a program you always run on start up in program select because you will need that if you are aborting all programs or it will run whatever program you left it in.

    You must turn on C-stop Abort all programs and ask the question at the beginning of your program If UO7 is Off jump recovery or jump home. but be careful you cant always just recover from anywhere. For example, if its a pick and place I would set a register called "recovery pos" to 1 for my pick saying I'm on that half of the machine and have its own recovery to home and I would then do the same for the place instead of setting register to 1 i would set it to 2 so that i know that i am on the other half of the machine. In this recovery program i would set a PR to Lpos then move Lpos up in the Z then make a move from there that way you are clear of any obstacles.

    I know how to solve your part not reachable problem. Go to your user frame 5 and make sure that your W,P axises are zeroed. I know it sounds crazy that fanuc would even let there be a value in there because its a 4 axis robot and they don't have a fifth or sixth axis but I have gone through this struggle before. After you zero W,P on your user frame recalibrate the camera but don't touch your user frame.

    Settings to make Fanuc programming easier (From all of us)

    1.Take a look at this it is all of the assignments you could have for fanuc. Have you mapped UOPs and UIs to ethernet before if so you do the same thing just instead of mapping them to rack 89 you map it to rack 100.

    2. If you are asking whether you enable Ch1 or CH2 it does not matter just make sure if you enable channel 1 use port 1A,or 1B and if you enable channel 2 then use port 2A,or 2B of the profinet ports.

    Hey Mario,

    1. you would have map the UOP and UI signals to rack 100 which is the profinet rack for fanuc.

    2. I believe the ports are labeled 1A,1B,2A,2B for the 4 ports on the profinet card. The way I figured it out which might not be the right way is i first set IP address for the profitnet I then enabled one of the two channels. If you enable channel 1 i believe its ports 1A or 1B and if you enable channel 2 I believe its 2A or 2B. I then pinged the PLC to see if we were communicating. If not I switched ports and pinged again until I got a result.

    Let me know how you make out.

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