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    one more thing is I had a profibus old card ( two sided pcb board ) , it was not working so I changed to new CP 5614 ( single sided profibus card)

    So this is overall my issue. please let me know if the drivers need to be changed ?

    Thanks for advice Panic mode :S

    Hello ,

    Panic mode ( well said) .

    If the yellow LED is blinking continually, That means communication is not exactly right way.

    If the Yellow LED is Just ON all the time means, the communication to slave is proper.

    I believe the drivers for the profibus card is not right. I have only FW_5613.bin in the kuka file system.

    I think I might need to add the fw5613a2.bin as well.

    This is what I meant. Not that I dont like LED blinking :/.


    I am working with CP 5614 (profibus) , the kuka vkrc1 is Slave and the B&R PLC is my master.

    When I establish the communication the yellow led blinking continually and in the teach pendent of kuka it shows the communication is established.

    Can someone help me out ! what is the real issue here?

    Thanks in advance!

    Hello ,

    I am trying to establish communication BR PLC (Master) to KUKA KRC2 edo5 (Slave) via Profibus.

    I am getting error like : Configuration error I/O driver PBMSL

    Can someone please check the iosys and pfbms that I am using and tell me where I made mistakes.

    All the files are in the attached zip folder.

    Thanks in advance.

    Hello Panic mode, MOM,

    The Image is complete! No issues with it.

    I used other hard disk to boot before, it was fine.

    I am waiting for a new mother board to arrive , I figured out somethings not right in the existing board which I have now.

    I hope I will solve this issue with the new board!

    Thanks for your suggestions , always appreciate it.

    Hello Panic mode & MOM,

    Thank you for your response!

    I used the Macrium reflect tool to make backup the image and the same image I write to the new SSD ( PATA 32gb transcend) , another hard disk.

    Here you can have a look at the attached pdf, the pictures are in this pdf file.

    Hello Wall-E,

    Can you please let me know how can I re-install the KUKA System Software.

    I am working on VKRC1 , Recently I had an issue with the IDE( Transcend 4gb card) , So backup the image from the old disk.

    Now I am trying to use a different hard drive to reboot the VKRC1, but I am getting the boot error.

    It is showing that the hard disk is inserted and but it is not booting further.

    Please some one give me some guidance!



    I am working with (V) KRC1 . the USB-Disketten Emulator (designed for kuka) is not working.

    I dont have any idea about the Floppy. Can someone suggest me what to look for in order to make this floppy work?



    I have same issue with the krc1 kuka and the communication card is cp5614.

    I am trying to make it slave , the master is a B&R PLC. But I cannot able to establish communication.

    The CP5614 card led indicators not even powering up, When I do I/O reconfigure the led indicators blinks very fast for a minute and goes off.

    The error is showing like this : Configuration error I/O driver PBMASL

    If you know the solution for this please share me.



    I am new to KUKA robots, I am working on HF Induction and Turning table. My task is to control these devices from KUKA Robot which is communicates using PROFIBUS. My question is, Is it possible to establish communication between HF Induction to KUKA using RS232?

    Or I should use a PLC and control these devices?


    Hello ,

    I am working on a new setup of the KUKA KRC2, My task is to setup the communication between the KUKA KRC2 - wire feeder - highyag optics by using same IO blocks for all of these.

    My question is by which tool is perfect and easy to do this task?

    Workvisual Kuka or SIMATIC NET or Siemens Step7.

    Would like to hear some explanation about this.