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    prior to this issue, i was getting major electrical maintenance due notifications and was told when the robot was commissioned the 2nd time that batteries need changed. i wasn't involved in the original set up and have no idea if the robot has been maintained at all. my guess it that it wasnt as it has sat with no use for near 4 years


    i want to be able to use the existing modules on the robot hence trying to use the 1809. i could probably use a relay to switch voltages but liked the idea of optocoupler.

    Could you provide more info on ethercat modules for arduino like setup and what modules work

    my question again:

    what type of sensor do you want to use?

    Until now all discussion was quite interesting, but useless)

    Load cell is handle by an arduino. At a certain force, a 5v output is set to high and want to use the output on Arduino to turn on a input on the beckoff el1809 which has a '1' signal voltage of 11-30V

    If the arduino runs a program which sets a digital Output pin on the arduino to an digital input pin on the robot. The EL1809 '0' voltage is -3 to 5V and '1' voltage is 11 to 30V. 5v output can us stepped up to 12V to trigger a 1 on the digital output. The robot program of this could a an until loop which moves robot until a 1 is triggered.

    Let me know if I'm on the right track

    What if i was to use the HX711 analogue to digital converter which is commonly used in to amplify load cell signals and would go into digital inputs on the kuka. Still not sure if this would work. I have seen the hx711 used with an ardunio which handles the calibration of the load cell and the reading of the load cell. has anyone seen the kuka working with the ardunio

    Perhaps I should explain the system in a it more detail. Essentially I have an s type load cell mounted to to tool flange and a bar attached to the load cell to just get reach and apply the load. I want the robot the move in a set direction and then stop when a certain force is reached. From previous replies on this post the load cell needs an amplifier due the the micro volts given out by a load cell. The output from the amplifier is wired into in input module in the kuka.

    Is the load read in voltage by the kuka and to set an load, does a voltage need to be applied in order or can then kuka be set to keep moving until a voltage is reached.


    So got it displaying. Problem was i had the .dat opened selected rather than opened. Once i sorted that added, DECL GLOBAL INT ROW to the list and saved that. Then removed the declaration from the .src file and worked a treat.

    Thanks for all the help

    The variable was declared in the .src file but then tried to declare it as a global in the .dat file but believe i done it incorrectly using the kuka programming manual partly because the .dat file was in german and wouldnt allow me to modify blocks.

    The code is in the first post.

    So i declared the variable in the config.dat file under user defined variables and still unable to view cycle count is variable display- single. appears a 1 when BCO is reached but when FOR loop is ran 50 times, not showing anything.

    Also when update is selected, error appears "no runtime data selected"

    Should the variable in config dat be declared as a global variable and the called in the .src or .dat file as well