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    I have to look into using a kr250 robot in a smaller working area than the reach of robot. What is needed in terms of hardware, e.g. limit switches and then what needs on on controller. How is then done safely. Does KUKA need to recommission?

    Any more information required can be supplied

    I have a robot which uses interrupts stop a LIN motion when an input from loadcell circuit is turned on. This has worked fine for me when. program was Applying load in 1 direction (Input 1 On) and back to centre (Input 1 off) and then other direction (Input 2 on) and back to 0 (Input 2 off). The problem I'm having with this project is whenever initial load is applied and first interrupt routine is played. the load doesn't to back to 0. The load is applied in another direction. during this move input may go on or off, if it goes off and back on the interrupt routine is triggered again and robot stop which isn't what I want to do. I want robot to move in other direction regardless on input status. Hope this makes sense.


    Thanks a lot for that.

    Is it possible to just slow down the below bit:

    Lin_rel {z - 300} ; run 300 mm in negative z direction starting at the current position


    So I found this code below on this forum and I think it is along the lines of what I need. It was detailed that if I abort the movement and do different things. I should use this. I'm guessing is this case IRSTOP() is the interrupt program that runs when input is on.

    1st point is PTP home (in my case this will be my 0 load position)

    Movement() will be the subprogram that that moves robot down and turns interrupt on. Not sure about turning it off and when.

    Let me know if im on the right track with this.



    What I mean by continuous motion when i was doing this on the UR robots, I was able to set the tool to move in the X, Y or Z direction. I could then either stop this by a distance from 1st way-point or an input. In my case, it was a digital input which stopped the robot moving in the z direction

    Sorry if I wasn't clear on this but hopefully this clears it up.

    In terms of the kuka, perhaps i cant sent the robot to move in the Z direction. I will have to create 2 points and use interrupt. Creating the 1st point is no issue but the second point which has to be further in the Z- direction is an issue due the tested part being in the way and I don't want to put excess load on it. Can I set a distance at which the 2nd point is away from the 1st, say 300mm Z- and then use interrupt to stop motion.

    The program is really only 3 way points, so 1 at 0 position, the other in Z- and the other Z+. so 450N down and 450N up.



    No not running tiny motions.

    I see that I need to use interrupts to stop motion. Can the motion, not be a programmed lin point rather a continuous move in z direction and the input with be the endpoint as this test is a fatigue cycle test on an assembly which over time will move down depending on what happens during the test hence why I dont want to use Lin move


    I have never used interrupts before so don't know much about them. the program needs to be looped as it is running 25k times as part of a test. Is there any guidance on interrupts that you can give me?



    Eventually with the on-going pandemic, I am able to get back to this. I was able to get optocoupler working and now load cell is triggering input into robot. In terms of programming, I was looking to use a Repeat Until loop. but I don't want to repeat set LIN points, i want to repeat a Z- or Z+ direction until DI1 is turned on.

    I have Universal Robots UR10 and have done it on them

    Any help much appreciated

    prior to this issue, i was getting major electrical maintenance due notifications and was told when the robot was commissioned the 2nd time that batteries need changed. i wasn't involved in the original set up and have no idea if the robot has been maintained at all. my guess it that it wasnt as it has sat with no use for near 4 years


    i want to be able to use the existing modules on the robot hence trying to use the 1809. i could probably use a relay to switch voltages but liked the idea of optocoupler.

    Could you provide more info on ethercat modules for arduino like setup and what modules work

    my question again:

    what type of sensor do you want to use?

    Until now all discussion was quite interesting, but useless)

    Load cell is handle by an arduino. At a certain force, a 5v output is set to high and want to use the output on Arduino to turn on a input on the beckoff el1809 which has a '1' signal voltage of 11-30V

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