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    By default every time you save the Project motosim save the backup of the robot.

    in the cell folder, search for the folder of the controller you want and ther is a filé vrc.bin and vrc.bin.bak

    Those are backups when you have last saved the simulation.

    Seems like I'm having a similar problem (MotoSim EG-VRC 2018). I tried to save via Job Pad and push to a live controller via Ethernet. MotoSim crashed and now I can't move jobs between my live and simulated controller. Great software! :S

    What's the best way to recover? I have a CMOS.bin I can pull from the live DX200 controller (there's no CMOS.bin I can see from the MotoSim backups), but I need the user frames, tool interference, etc from the simulation.

    As said by ljuba, you need to look for a VRC.bin, and not a CMOS.bin.

    Then you can restore your simulation from that, and save the needed jobs, tools etc.

    Then grab the CMOS.bin from your controller, create a new simulation from that, and import your files.

    After that, avoid the Job Pad like the plague! ;)

    If you need to write jobs with a text editor, try the Job Editor - it works fairly well, despite being just as much a blast from the 90’s, as the rest of the Motoman software suite! Good luck :)

    Hi there,

    I am developing some tools to ease my workflow, and am looking for some information on how the backup-files are constructed.

    At this time, I am focused on the I/F-panel.

    Is there any detailed information on how the IFPANEL.DAT csv-like structure corresponds to the setup screen on the TP?

    If not, I'll have to go through it manually.

    Either way, any suggestions are appreciated - if I come up with anything useful, I'll be sure to share it with all of you.

    Best regards :)