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    on officelite it is possible to set a time up to 1000s ("Power-off delay time" ).
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    office lite V8.5.6

    what version of KSS are you using?

    Change the following values at your own risk

    The file where this Power off value is saved is found under C:\ KRC\User\PMService.user.config

    Change this entry:

    Note: this time should be as low as possible... to minimize the load on the batteries.

    the file where the upper and lower limits are found are:

    Kind regards,

    Can you do a file compare with your actual config.DAT and an older backup?

    it is possible that the end of your config.DAT was lost during shut down of your controller.

    a small test you can do is add ENDDAT at the end of your config.DAT and hope your errors are gone.

    Kind regards,

    from what i can see the following is wrong in the KFD file:

    you declared a variable 2 times with the same name

    DECL PARAM [b]S_GUN_NR[/b]={VALUE {NUMBER: min 1, max 2, AUTOLIMIT TRUE},shortname[] "Gun=", shortcut[] "Gun", USERMODE 0}
    ;bei mehreren Zangen
    DECL PARAM [b]S_GUN_NR[/b]={VALUE {NUMBER: min 1, max 2, AUTOLIMIT FALSE},shortname[] "Gun=", shortcut[] "Gun", USERMODE 0}

    try and delete on of these lines and see if it helps

    Kind regards,

    Make an archive

    put an usb-flash drive in the cabinet
    File --> archive --> USB (Cabinet)

    the programs that are on the controller are now in this archive,

    activate previous configuration and check if robotprograms on controller are the same as in the archive.
    if not rectify according to your needs.

    Kind regards,

    From the top of my head: I think the move enable message is because you have set the move enable input to always true($in[1025]) you should use an input coming from the plc.

    For the other error, did you map your i/o from the plc over input 1025 or 1026 or any other i/o signals reserved for the robot system?

    Kind regards,

    what data types are you trying to send?


    try and see if you set a value on PLC side you can see it on robot side and vice versa.

    on PLC side send a Word or double word
    on KRC you should recieve the same length of bits, map these in or outputs as signals with the same length : $In[startbit] to $In[Endbit]/ $out[startbit] to $out[Endbit] (byte 8 bits, Word 16 bits, ...)

    Check that bytes have to be swaped or not.

    Kind regards,

    you could try this:

    1-Turn mode selection key.
    2-deselect robot (so the blue radiobutton is white).
    3-reselect robot
    4-Turn mode selection key back.

    sometimes the software on the Smartpad gets stuck in a loop, this worked for me most of the times.

    Kind regards,

    sounds like a job for safe operation

    as a non safe solution you could set the soft ends +/- of the ex axis to the actual value +/- 0.1° after you have reached the position you want to stay in.
    but before you want to move the ex-axis, you'll have to change the soft-limits of the ex-axis back to the default value

    kind regards,

    Hello panic mode,

    thank you for your info.
    the problem is that i am using the same motion planner for ptp spline and cp spline blocks

    I removed the parameters to not have that fill the whole screen.

    Kind regards,

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