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    Hello All,

    Not an expert with JAVA.

    How do use com.kuka.roboticsAPI.geometricModel.math.Vector and com.kuka.roboticsAPI.geometricModel.math.Point to get vector and get point (eg: getX(), getY(), and getZ())?

    Is this the right way to do it ( Point x_data = new Point(); ) or can someone guide me how to do this?

    If you can point to me some documentation or blogs, that would be great too.


    The communication to the gripper has been established. I used the configuration advanced control mode from the gripper mode for IO mapping.
    I am trying to write a simple code on the kuka sunrise workbench on gripper opening, closing, and modes of the gripper.
    But I am not sure on how to send the values to the gripper to actuate it. Can you kindly provide some support on this as well?


    Thank you for your reply.

    Thanks for the response. I am a novice and therefore I am trying to learn things, therefore I have few more questions.

    1. I have the patch file. Could you kindly tell me how to verify if the path was installed correctly? or If possible could you kindly tell me how to do this?
    2. Like said in the 2nd paragraph, Meun-> Extra-> Option package management and it shows Sunrise (,is this the KOP package? Ref: kuka KOP_robotic Forum.JPG / kuka KOP_robotic Forum1.JPG
    3. Does ESI file mean the driver file? I contacted robotiq and they sent me an driver file for the gripper.

    Hello all,
    I have mounted the 3 finger adaptive Robotiq gripper on the kuka iiwa robot.
    The robot has electrical media flange.

    The version of Sunrise workbench is, works visual installed is 5.0 V5.0.2_Build0313 along with Sunrise (V1.3.14.0) options.

    I am looking forward to configure the IO of the 3 finger Robotiq adaptive gripper.

    Could someone kindly guide me on how to configure the IO in works visual?

    P.S I followed the steps show in the…nger-gripper-on-kuka-iiwa. and got stuck at the point where it suggests to configure the gripper in works visual.