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    Hi Robotero
    I had the Positioner option installed and figured out how to assign the external axis(7th axis) under group 2. Achieved what i was trying to.
    Big thanks to everyone who has supported me with all their experience and knowledge.
    thanks again.

    I figured out how to add Group 2 on the controlled start under robot library. But it does not allow me to add the extended axis under Group 2. It Gives me "Invalid Subscript" error. Can anyone guide please.

    The application is for rotomold. That(induction motor) is what we are using at the moment but a servo motor would give us better control option as in braking control, position control etc. At the moment it is based on timing.

    I will need to ask my manager about the software. Can you just give a brief explanation on how to add group 2 on the controlled start please. If I could find the software , I can try and add it.

    Yes thanks. According to Hawkme, I have deleted the extended axis under group 1. Now I am trying to re-configure it under group 2 but i cannot see any option for Group 2 under ''SELECT GROUP''??. Please see the attached pictures.

    I have checked under option, Multi-Group Motion is installed. I cannot see any option for Group 2 under Maintenance though. Am i missing anything here?? I have attached few pictures please have a look.

    Thanks. Oh ok at the moment it is configured as Group 1 axis 7. I will need to check if the option is installed. If the multi group motion option is installed, I should be able to see the options for Group 2 right and I should be able to configure that under Group 2?

    Basically I need to run the 7th axis continuous for 30min while the robot is doing other handling jobs. The Continuous Turn option is already installed and i have already programmed that axis for continuous turn. Just cant figure out to set up another motion group so that i can achieve multitasking.

    7th axis will be used for continuous rotation on of our projects. Slowly setting up. I can go to the controlled start but cannot see much option on how to set another motion group. i will have another good look. Hawkme, how do you set it on your controller, just a rough idea so i can look for the similar menus.

    Thanks for your reply. Is motion group an option that we have to install? I created a program and tried to define that under group mask as group 2 which i believe would look like 1,1,*,*,*,* this, which i cannot do. the cursor does not even move on the second * so that i can change it to 1. Am i missing something?
    thank you

    I know how to setup the extended axis(7th axis) which i already have done. At the moment it is set up as group 1 but i would like to set it up as group 2 so i can RUN the 7th axis continuous while the robot is doing other stuffs.

    how do do multitasking on fanuc rj-3 controller. I have hooked up a 7th axis which i want to run continuous while the robot is doing other stuffs? I have multiple program option installed.
    Can anyone help please.

    Hi Guys
    thanks for the replies. I have checked the incoming power which is ok. I thought it was the brake but when i removed the motor from the frame and ran it on the desk with everything plugged in, it runs fine. brake works the way its supposed to. Looks like the servo is finding difficulties in holding the position while energized when in place . Which could be something mechanical according to Matthias. This problem is with axis 3. I am not sure how to diagnose the mechanical side of this issue.

    Hi I am trying to run this s430if with rj 3 controller which was sitting for a while. Getting OVC alarm and weird noise from servo as it is trying to hold position but can't. Took the servo out and runs fine. Put it back in same problem. Can anyone help please. Thanks