Collision detect - disturbance error

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    Having issue with Fanuc LR mate 200ib. It started today morning showing collision detect and disturbance error without any collision on A3. Noticed that J3 jerks abit when moving at times. Just opened the cover and checked the motor it was quite hot. been running for past few years without any issues. Any suggestions please.


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  • took the servo off, tried to move it. It moves but could feel the jerks or steps while its moving. It should be smooth as right ? Also checked the torque and it was drawing around 4amps without any load. So could it be the faulty servo or encoder?

  • further diagnose - detached the armature cable - released the motor brake and tried to turn it by hand >> cant turn abit. I think the break is not fully releasing. so need new motor. which mastering do i need to perform once i have replaced the motor?


  • The brake needs power to release. Are you sure you tested it correctly? Also If everything is powered, then the brake would release but the motor would try to hold position.

    I'm not sure if you have ruled out a bad reducer.

    If that is the only motor you removed/unplugged, then you can zero master just that axis by aligning it to the witness mark.

  • so the way i tested the brake was by disconnecting the motor winding cables from the motor and leaving the encoder and brake cables on the motor. Released the brake using teach pendent and tried to move it by hand. couldnt move it. Took out J4 motor and performed the same procedure, that was easy and smooth to move by hand. Also when i tried to put the J4 back, the arm was not in the same position as before. Does that mean i need to retouch my points? or is there a way to fix that?

  • Ok, that test sounds legit.

    By removing j4 motor, you will now have to remaster it also.

    You can master at any known position, so those values are probably from the factory fixture master position, which you don't have. So, you will have to find the witness marks and change it to zero for mastering.

    Your mastering will probably be slightly different from factory so you will likely need to touch up all points after you are finished.

  • so that means i will have to enter 0 under (master pos) on J3 and J4 aswell and put both axis to zero position mark and press exec. After that i need to calibrate it right?

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