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    Hi All,
    I have KRC4 Compact controller with KRL ver. 8.3.4
    I am familiar with a couple other brands but not Kuka.

    I have defined Tool1 and 2 BASEs with 3point method. I checked the BASEs by jogging and comparing actual positions in World and Base.
    What I need to do is teach points in one of the Base coordinates I defined.
    In a program, I create a PTP instruction and Touch-UP the point. However, the Tool/Base indicator switches from T1/B1 to T1/B0 and my point is saved in the World coordinate system (I think). The resulting PTP instruction reads:

    PTP P2 Vel=100% PDAT3 Tool[1] Base[0]

    What am I doing wrong? I would like to save the point with Base[1] as the reference.

    Thanks for your help

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