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    "There are a few model years where the Motors ON Indicator at the top of the robot is tied into the Brake Circuit in such a way that a damaged cable or shorted LED can affect the entire motor harness. Worth a check!"

    i don't think that is available for irb 6700. i ll cross check all the connections of motors and connectors at robot base.

    what about this point "one thing that confused me that its not about a specific joint or axis, after restarting the system which ever axis i select to jog robot in that axis direction using joy stick, motion supervision and joint collision errors comes with that axis name. which means its not related to some specific axis (mechanical or electrical), even if i try to move the flex track it stops movement after few mm move and generate motion supervision error." does this make any sense?

    i am working on IRB 6700 with Robotware 6.12 and mounted on a flex track. it was working absolutely fine without any error. today when i tried to jog, it shows some errors regarding:

    Motion Supervision 50204,

    Collison Triggered 10024 ,

    Collision retraction 10026,

    Joint Collision 50056.

    Following steps are taken for remedy: robot never collide anything, no visible cable damage (Motor), also cross checked the flexibility of cables and found no such stress on the cables.

    Tool Data, Mass was properly defined using Loadidentify system routine, no other system parameters are changed. i also tried moving robot in small increments and take it away from so called collision point but motion supervision gets active.

    changed sensitivity of motion supervision from default upto 200 and give it a try but error persists.

    Using brake release button on the manipulator i checked all axis , they move smoothly without any noise in both + and -ive direction.

    one thing that confused me that its not about a specific joint or axis, after restarting the system which ever axis i select to jog robot in that axis direction using joy stick, motion supervision and joint collision errors comes with that axis name. which means its not related to some specific axis (mechanical or electrical), even if i try to move the flex track it stops movement after few mm move and generate motion supervision error.

    Any help in this regard will be highly appreciated.

    Hello Alaa Elsholy.

    In my case it was a Software glitch as i mentioned in above post

    "i have found some info about this warning. it is related to some Glitch in actual software (Robotware version 5.07.01). algorithm used to monitor the overall drive temperature (as there are several PTCs). the said issue was fixed in later version of robotware (Robotware 5.07.02 and above)."

    Just updated the Robotware and problem resolved.

    CAD can give XYZ Coordinates also. For linear drill i used that so many times.

    Rotary Positioner is damaged and i have to perform drill with job clamped on static table as work object is the thing that creates the problem, to orient the drill straight at every hole position. I ll use OrientZYX to check the euler angles at 2 ,3 different points manually , on semi circle. Then will keep the angle constant around a profile.

    Thanks for the help Sir...

    i am studying also for the frame transformation. Rotation matrices of Rz(Sci), Ry(theta) and Rx(Phi). how to transform spherical angle into euler angles.

    I also used CREO to verify the design, dimensions and angle calculations..

    @ MOM & SkyeFire ,Thanks for the help and time.

    Sorry for being late.. I was suffering from fever..

    The scenario is i have to drill a semi-circular plate that is clamped on a fixed table.

    defined a new workobject for this table and shift zero point of robot to the table..(0 point at center of the table).

    Use AutoCad software to design table and semi circular plate models with same physical dimensions to avoid any error.

    reference of actual system and CAD designed system is same now. In autocad i just calculated the coordinates values from center position to the Plate (Plate is clamped to the table at 90 degree).

    Use the coordinates as Robtarget, drilled first hole, that is fine.

    "As the plate is mounted on static table, for the second drill the robot has to re-orient itself with respect to the hole position just to avoid drill bit breakage, came in contact with plate at 90 degree to have a good drill' .

    This re-orientation of the tool with respect to plate, i calculated as gap between two holes and angle from the reference position "a Semi circular arc". it comes to me with spherical coordinates "Theta, Phi and r"

    i want to feed as Rot.q1, Rot.q2, Rot.Q3, Rot.Q4, so the robot align itself for the next hole itself .

    hope i explained it well..

    yes sir,

    in fact i have a rotary positioner (to clamp the job and rotate the job before robot for angular machining (drilling). The positioner got faulty and i have to drill the job, controlling the tool orientation to maintain straightness of to0l with respect to robot.

    The angle can be calculated from cad drawing of job (that is the distance between two holes). i need this angle value from cad, converted in a form so abb robot understand this and take it as orientation value Q1,Q2,Q3,Q4. the robot will adjust its orientation based on these quaternion value...


    Hello to all...

    I found post on the forum for angle conversion between euler and quaternions.

    bit confusion if someone guide me.. From CAD drawing if i get angle between two points is 30 degrees.

    How i ll convert it into quaternions.. 30 degree is from reference to the gap between two points (an ARC). how to tell robot what will be orientation when reached at 2nd point.


    Hello to members...

    ABB IRB6700 is mounted on ABB Flextrack and configured properly.

    I use SearchL\Stop command to execute a motion and keep on checking for Sensor input(Touch detection).

    MoveL p10,v5,Fine,Spindle\Wobj:=Rotary;


    MoveL p20,v5,fine,spindle\WObj:=Rotary;

    Rotary is non-ABB customized Positioner and controlled by exernal PLC. As the Rapid code reaches at line SearchL\Stop and start execution, error "Missing External Axis Value" occurs and stop the robot. During this code robot is at stand-still . no positional movements on flex track. I write the code on tech.pendant > Program Editor.

    Any idea why the error comes and how to check for the error.


    Hello to all..

    sorry in advance, if i am asking a wrong question.

    Could there be any chance we can use Polar Coordinates (r, theta, z) instead of X,Y,Z Coordinates to guide robot across a circular job..

    For a circular job there is limitations of robot movement in a full circle, i want to rotate the job keep the radius constant and playing with Z-Axis only.

    Hello to all.

    i have interfaced Siemens PLC and ABB irc5 for XYZ-coordinates transfer from plc to irc5. i am getting confused in defining Analog Signal. Max/Min {Logical, Phy, Bit} values to read correct data sent from siemens plc.

    As, talking about sending these values via profinet (Anybus gateway Profinet to DeviceNet), that is not an analog output of any sensor (0-10v etc). That's simply sending data over profinet. Very different. What will be the Logical,Phy and bit value in this case.

    Bits swapping i came to know (Big Endiannes (plc) and Little Endianness (irc5) i have already done)..

    Hope i make my question clear to understand..

    A little help to understand the analog signal parameters..

    Hello to the members..

    can we use the Siemens NX robotic machining/CAM with ABB Robot to go for machining (Drilling) of a job in one go, without the need of manual programming. Like Siemens shared some stuff with Kuka robots..Simulation in NX Cam and auto code generation for the complete task.

    Anyhelp on this topic, how to use CAD drawings to control robot motion and machining (drilling) process.

    Sir, i tried the SearchL option without any trap routine, but robot still stop at "MoveL" command after the "StopMove/Quick" command. and stays their.

    Could be the reason "Storepath" and "RestorePath" are missing in the code.

    also not present in my Tech.Pendant..

    thanks for reply.

    Sir, with SearchL the robot goes to the interrupt trap and store the position of Touch point. but robot got stuck there.

    SearchL Control_Drill, p40, OFFs( p20, 0, 0, 50), Fine, Tool1;

    !robot execute the command, and store the position data in p40.

    TRAP Drilling

    StopMove/ Quick;

    MoveL OFFs (p40, 0, 0, 30), v10, Fine, Tool1;

    !Robot stuck here at MoveL command. and not executing the command.




    End TRAP

    any help...

    my problem is, in auto-mode robot directly goes to TRAP Routine at P40, and got stuck there, even if the DI is not set high.

    I also used "SearchL" command instead of "MoveL". the robot goes to p40 and got stuck there after Di is set high.

    i looked for "StorePath" and "RestorePath" commands in my teachpendant commands list but could not found.

    Hello to the members..

    i am working on a drilling spindle which can sense the object using load indicator, a touch will generate current rise, which is used as interrupt signal in the rapid code. the point of touch will be the starting point of the moveL in trap routine.

    below is the rapid code for the drill:

    VAR intnum intload

    PROC main ()

    IDelete intload;

    Connect intload WITH Drilling;

    ISignalDI , Control_Drill, 1,intload;

    Set Spindle_on; “Bit to power up Spindle”

    MoveJ p10, v100, Fine, Tool1;

    MoveL p20, v100, Fine, Tool1;

    Set Enable_On; “Spindle Start Rotating at reference speed”

    Wait Time 2; “Time to reach desired rpm and get smooth in terms of current”

    MoveL OFFs (P20, 0, 0, 50), V10, Fine, Tool1;

    ! Interrupt should occur here as the drill bit touches the surface before reaching 50mm Z-Axis and DI “Control_Drill” sets high. Robot should go to P40.

    Reset Enable_On;

    MoveL p30, V10, Fine, Tool1;

    Reset Spindle_on;

    End PROC

    TRAP Drilling

    VAR Robotarget p40

    StopMove/ Quick;

    P40:= CRobT ( \Tool := Tool1 \ WObj := WObj0);

    MoveL OFFs (p40, 0, 0, 30), v10, Fine, Tool1;




    End TRAP

    sorry for the misunderstanding.. i want socket communication between irc5 and matlab software.

    For that i want to use socket communication. Any option recommended for the above mentioned specs..