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    Hello panic mode. The main point is to take the temperature inside of the KRC to check if the enviromental temperature is impact the KRC internal temperature, so if it is possible to take the temperature for one device inside the KRC will be enough.

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    Thanks for the support safix,

    I have to take the temperature of the KRC4, but I did not find any variable in the "variable manual" that can measure this, but one thing that I missed, did you take the temperature inside the KRC4 or only in the motors?

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    yes I've tried to measure that temperature (via $PHGTEMP) on krc4 and it showed me nothing ("0"). Finally, I know the reason...Thanks Skyefire and panic mode as well!
    Do you think there is a way to measure the temperature of the engines inside the robot kuka krc4?


    How did you take the tempeture of the KRC with the variable $PHGTEMP?

    Thanks in advance

    Guys, I tried to measure the temperature inside the KRC with the variable $PHGTEMP, but as our collegue safix, the variable showed 0.

    Do you know how I can take this value of temperature?

    Thanks in advance

    This happened to me one time and it was because a short-circuit between the phase and the ground in a pump that was connected in the same bus voltage of the Robot. Check if there is some problem in the loads that are connected in the same source (bus voltage) of the Robot.

    Hello Everyone,

    Some days ago, we faced a problem in the KRC, the error was KSS13020, the Robot lost the communication with the PLC and red led of the drive was on, to solve this we did a restart in the KRC, but we do not know what caused this. Did someone pass with similiar situation?