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    So i have inputted the above change so it is now a case of 'wait and see'

    I programmed out some of the collision zones but some are just inevitable because of the footprint of the cell and the size of the robots/tasks they have to perform.

    Thanks for the advice - hopefully they don't crash again!

    Thanks for the responses, yeah i was going to try a small delay first to see if that cured anything - if i still had an issue i was going to look into the space function too.

    I'm on the cell today checking the areas and I/O so will update you on the progress


    Thanks for the replies - i'll attach the report that i made for the maintenance department at the time of the collision

    Robot Collision Zones for FIPG.docx

    Hopefully this explains the issue. Both robots were clear of the collision zone but were trying to enter it at almost the same time. I am thinking i may have to put some extra logic in to account for this - the timing of the robot interaction can change from cycle to cycle - depending if one side of the cell has an issue or is doing a different task


    Morning All,

    I had an issue yesterday with a cell. The cell is quite tight and contains two i710 robots, so have had to create collision zones between them for certain moves. It has been in and running with full functionality since Christmas but yesterday they collided resulting in damage to the robot mounted field IO module and cables.

    My concern is that the collision zone call is in a similar place in both robots, could this have caused an issue? I have tried to recreate the fault in manual and ran both robots from the TP's (T1 50%) and each time they stop and wait for the relevant input back from the PLC, even tried running both collision zone calls simultaneously (with another person on the other TP and R100 took precedence as i expected.

    The only differing factor i can think of is the speed - but it was during a production break so i didn't have time to run in manual at 100% T2.

    I simply can't fathom how it has happened. I'm going to install a space check as a 'belt and braces' check but if anyone has had this happen before then please shout up!



    Thanks for your response, yes that must be enabled as the machine is currently running with two weldsets.

    The issue is that if we need to change one of them for a breakdown then we aren't sure how to set up the weld equipment for that one weldset in particular. Or is it that whatever settings you apply in the controlled start set up are applied to both weldsets?

    Hi All,

    We have a cell with a Coordinated motion controller, two Fanuc 120iD Welding robots and tow OTC Daihen W400 Weldsets.

    Does anyone know how to tell the robot controller that you are using two weldsets during the ArcTool setup within the controlled start menu? You only seem to be able to set up the weld equipment for one channel?

    Also, has anyone managed to change the I.P address on an OTC W400 weldset? I followed all the documentation on the OTC/Daihen website regarding the process but i could not get their I.P Utility software to find the set - even though i could ping it?

    Any help would be appreciated

    As requested, here is the section of .TP which runs the vision process:

    The fault is very sparse but when it happens i cannot get it to pass unless i drop the score threshold right down. I have adjusted the mask, the exposure, the DOF Orientation/Scale/Aspect but still occasionally i get the CVIS-151.

    I would just like to understand what it is and how it can be fixed.

    Many thanks

    Hi all

    Sorry for the lack of reply on this, but i finally have some images that i can attach to show the problem.

    Above you can see that there are multiple attempts to RUN_FIND and GET_OFFSET - each says success afterwards but the run time of the process is excessive and it does not return a result.

    I have seen the 'Red Box' around a part before but never with the 'CVIS-151' error, it is only this process which does it.

    I will upload more in a following post


    Hi Fabian,

    Sorry for my lack of reply here.....unfortunately we have had some problems on site, one of the operators thought it was a good idea to “clean” the camera for this vision process and subsequently moved it :waffen100:

    So most of my time has been spent re-doing the whole thing so I haven’t had much chance to get to my actual problem!

    Once we are up and running again I will get those images to you

    Thanks again

    Haha ok, now I understand! I will be able to do that but as I said it will not be until Friday.

    Yes, that is correct, when monitoring vision runtime, the image appears and is clear but the program has just not found the part. There is a red box around the part, as if the part is outside the search window, yet I only move the part very slightly the result is ok (85-95%)

    I’ll try and get some screen shots on here on Friday.


    Hi Fabian, thanks for the welcome

    Yes it has been running ok and continues to run ok apart from this error maybe 2 times a shift on average, most parts pass ok. I have checked the VR values when the fault is present and there are no offsets displayed

    If I slightly adjust the position of the part and then retry the vision, then it works ok and the offsets are populated in the VR as normal and the robot continues.

    As for the last thing you asked, I’m not sure if a word is missing but are you asking if I can post the section of program when the vision is taken? If so then I won’t be able to do that until I’m back on site on Friday


    Evening all, first time post on here.

    I have a robot which is running 2D iRvision and occasionally on one part I get the error “CVIS-151” - no more offsets available

    I’ve looked up the error code and the manual doesn’t give micha insight into a remedy!

    I’m not sure if the part is too far out for the vision to pick it up? Just seems strange that it’s only this part that I have the error with, and only very occasionally.

    Any help would be appreciated