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    Dear everyone,
    I have just bought an M-16i with RJ3 controller. I have no idea how to use it or maintenance or fix it. The robot sold as unknow condition. I would like to ask if there are any manual, maintenance service guide ( book ), please someone be kind send it to me. I have no idea why i am in love with robot. I have bought kawasaki, denso and now fanuc.....atleast they are at junkyard ready to be recycle if i am not recuse them. Please help me with any thing you can give so i can start to learn Fanuc robot.
    Thank you very much

    Dear Bachi2004,

    I am sorry for late much things to do. I dont have the model because the robot is totaly BLANK. I have some picture though. Please have a look and if not trouble too much I would like be able to read all manual, maintenance guide.....

    Thank you very much,

    Hello everyone,

    I just bought an Cobotta ( muscle design type not new elegant design as they show on website ). On youtube Denso Channel showing some event which having 2 type of cobotta in action. My robot type is the 3s tiny cobotta dancing with music. Please anyone having any information ( manual - datasheet - maintenance manual ) kindly share it to me. My cobotta is damage or missing something which i have no clue to compare with.

    Thank you very much,

    Hello Dolomix,

    If I am not mistake the Error 0955 is Sun Check Error of External Axis control Parameter.
    Kawasaki also recommend to save all parameters from Robot Controller on Floppy Disk or any kind of external Storage which can work on your Controller.
    Also they make very clear Caution that when you are trying to change the Battery, you must do it under 1 hour time.

    I will try to read my Manual carefully to spot which page to help us solve the Error 0955.

    Dear Kwakisaki,

    I would love to learn and read Kawaguy's code but please accept my apology for lacking of knowledge. I am trying to dig in my AD manual to find out the way to Run the mother program which will tell the controller to copy Code part 1 to Sram - then execute the part 1 - delete part 1 in Sram when the code is done - copy part 2 - execute - delete part 2 - and so on. If i can figure it then we do not have to copy and paste it manually.

    Easier to understand is we Double Click on Auto Run when install some thing on PC. Even MS-Dos can do that kind of funtion but I do not remember how.

    Thank you Kwakisaki,

    Thank you Kwakisaki,

    Now i know that Pc Program command will not help anything on large code file. Back to our problem, the code file is too large to be saved on internal storage and we can not drip communication ( online feed code machine like mach3 ), or DNC - MME box ( live feed data to vintage fanuc cnc system ). We only have solution is divide large file to many small parts save on external storage such as usb or FDD and manual load-delete on internal there an command at the end of part 1 to tell it auto delete part 1 and load part 2 and auto execute?

    Please correct if i am wrong. PC Program is an commmand which telling robot to run the Code from external Storage or is it a funtion I have to manualy choose the list of command in it ? Could we make it more simple as making the robot run from External Storage and the CMOS Ram will act as the bridge which feeding step to CPU and planning next step ready for CPU ? Our only problem is Limited internal Storage, I really want to make the Internal Storage stop storing Code File. Are we call this action is " Online Movement " which the robot get feed directly from External Storage, no External no more run.

    Dear Kwakisaki and everyone,

    I know and im sorry that i did not keep my promise which is put the robot project to sleep....but i could not get it off my head with 1 problem and that is External Storage.

    When we all saying External Storage meaning any kind of storage you can have with your robot like Personal Computer, USB, Floppy Disk ( for my vintage robot UX 150 ) or even PLC ? I do not clearly understand, are we meaning when we excute the Coding ( which make our robot moving according to our plan our draw or even our GCode ), the robot's controller will extracting or reading the Step or Line ( cnc ) DIRECTLY from our Storage which does not have to copy the Code to Controller's CMOS RAM ( Flash RAM ) which is very limited only 10mb max for new version and 1mb max for my vintage ?

    If my theory above is correct then our first need is USB owner and Floppy Disk Owner ( me ) need to make sure our external storage is Formated as our Robot Required ! ( i need abit explain here from expert because my UX150 required me to but Floppy Disk in and excute Format from Controller ).

    And somehow both my guess above are correct then we need to tell the Robot that the CODE is PC program.....

    What about PLC ? Can it help ?

    Anyway, all the best to everyone.


    Dear Kwakisaki,

    I have been away for more than a month....I am very sorry for that ! How are you doing ? I hope everything work well with you.
    I have attach video of mine testing the robot in 16 of august. Robot moving in teach mode so quite slow. We did turn it back to life.
    Thank you very much Kwakisaki. I will be back from time to time, right now I will put robot project to sleep.
    Still having 2 more robots to work with ( my friends ), the encoder i will just leave it there. I will fix it or investigate in it when I am ready....

    Dear Kwakisaki,

    As picture of MS-Connector there are 17 pins from A to T so deducting N ( nothing ) and R ( BT- ) there should be 15 wires and 15 pins on Male Jack connector.I must have missing something, counting wires error. I will make very clear compare chart tomorrow. I am pretty sure there are 0V pin on upper board and 0V pin on under board ( that will make 15 lines between Connector to Encoder's Boards not 14 lines ). I must have chasing my tail, my brain play funky again.

    On the Cable which connecting to encoder's jack only 7 pairs = 14 lines. Would it be possible the Wire carrying 0V will be split into 2 pins at the Female Jack so it can be supply 2 x 0V to 2 pins on Encoder's Male Jack to 2 boards ? If that is happen then I clearly did not supply 0V to 1 of the Board. Also on the wiring Diagram which I make it myself, I only support 1 x 0V for the uppper board. I do not know why i did it, no reason and i can not explain it. Maybe I have obsessed with number 14 wires.

    Best Regards,

    Ps: Have you work on your robot weekend ?

    Dear Kwakisaki,

    First of all, please do have a look at 90213-1005DEA U Series page 67 and move on, maybe the Matching Marks is miss coincide. I will making sure checking it tomorrow( Monday ).

    Second please have a look at AD_Electrical Maintenance, Page 7-51 you can see the picture mention 2 Circuit Boards inside Encoder. Inside my Encoder R81 does have 2 Boards, top Boards contain 10 pins with 10 wires out, under board contain 5 pins with 4 wires out ( as I can read on the under board, it does mark B-minus but no connection or wiring out), i will mark them as Under Board on the compare Chart.

    Please do have a look at Compare Chart between AD_Electrical Maintenance page A-32 with actual mark and name on 2 boards of my encoder. You can see some minor differrence:
    1. BT- or B- on under board is no pin out on the board even have mark on the board.
    2. The 2 pins B-R using 0V, i make a mistake on it, i only connect 0V to B and leave R open.
    3. On Troubleshoot showing 16 pins out, but there are only 14 lines from 2 boards encoder.
    Here is my list to do on Monday:
    Making sure the Coincide is correct.
    Soldering another Line from R Pin and Link it with 0V line B pin.
    I do not know how to fix that BT- or B- on under board because there is a hole next to B- mark but no soldering or wire, also there are only 14 line and all been use.

    Please do not hesitate to teach me, I am very please to learn from you.

    Thank you very much Kwakisaki,

    Dear Kwakisaki,
    I have soldering the encoder cable on JT5 motor. But still having error 1521 saying miss match ABS INC on Jt5 or positioncoder data abnormal Jt5. Whenever i move Jt1, Jt2 will not occur, Jt3 sometime occur that problem of Jt5, moving Jt4, Jt5, Jt6 100% occur problem on Jt5.
    I will have to think throughly tonight about this problem.

    Have a good weekend Kwakisaki,

    Dear Kwakisaki,

    I meant, i knew that ring pin on ZA board. I saw it, touch it and took photo of it but my mind did not think it throught, did not link it with AVR1. So when you taught me where and how to mesurement the vdc from ZA board, my mind just clear out. Sometime i can not make clear explain with English, please exucse me for it.

    Please do enjoy your evenning, thank you very much.

    Dear Kwakisaki,

    If you read my mention of Email so you will figure it out what I meant but let it be Top Secret !!
    And yes, you are having so much passion than me, you can read all the manual which you sent to me and pointed out what I need to read....I have notice those Ring Pin but do not add it up !! Anyway I still have to find the Pin out on AVR1 ( 15 pins ), write it down - keep it for later use incase AVR1 dead I will process with my New Idea is using 2 inviduals Vdc power supply 5v and 12v. I will replace the Fan by open top panel. Today i am not working with Robot, tomorrow will be back lol.

    Thank you very much Kwakisaki,

    Ps: I have send you an PM message, please have a look.

    Dear Kwakisaki,

    Yes i did replace my AVR and AVR1 for his controller to test. He might going to the junk yard to buy the spare controller box so i can replace for him. Definately his AVR and AVR1 are causing the trouble, as i have manage to set correct the Vdc out put on AVR to 24.5vdc, i wonder is there an easy way to check out put on AVR1 so we can recorrect.

    So what are you suggest on those 4 IDLE Fans? Remove the Card File, take quite sometime and might be miss or damage the boards due to my low skill. Or just open up the top cover of the controller box?

    With damage connector, i think i will open the good working condition connector and copy it. Hope fullly ị will work.
    I see your email mention 69 maybe i am only 14yrs younger than you. That mean 4 beers for you and 1 for me.

    Thank you very much Kwakisaki,

    PS: I have an Idea, it should work on all our controller when need to replace all Power Supply. For AVR1, I need to find the Pin where all VDC coming out and in to BX, remove the Jack ( male or female ) which connect to BX from AVR1. Because I have already know what pin suppy what vdc so I will connect that Jack to BX and let it be there forever, soldering cable to the back of that Jack, those cable will connect to 2 invidual brand new VDC power supply which are 5v and 12v.

    Dear Kwakisaki,

    Updated on my process....let start from the beginning.
    Turn on the Controller Box Alone ---> On/Off Cycle Again ---> Swap that AVR1 ( original ) with other ---> Controller Box On immediately on first try ---> Having Error -590....Code is e2 and e0

    ---> Turn it off ---> Remove all the Card and put them back, making sure having good connect with BX Board and adjust AVR Vdc out at 24.5vdc as your requested ---> Turn on, error Motor Hot, 600 Motor Power Off

    ---> Turn off, making link between Ep-EMG and EpCom as you taught me before ---> Connect all 3 cable with my Robot Arm ---> Turn on, clear all Error, press Power Motor, restart

    ---> Turn on again, screen on with all information, let it wait for 30second then clear Error ---> Press Power Motor, accepted ---> Turn on Teach Pendant ---> Hold Deadman ---> Robot Arm move as wanted.

    Conclusion : 2 units provide Vdc are dead and causing short Circuit are AVR and AVR1 maybe include new found Idle Fans on top of Board Case Unit
    Since the age of controller box so all the connection between all boards with BX Board are not really fit each other ( old metal, expand or wihte rust )so should have to find a way to put them back and making sure good connect by pulling it out lightly to test the Bond Strength.
    Because of the age of all Power Unit include Transformer. Should or Must have to wait atleast 30second start from the Screen is Loaded for all the Power Provide Unit to get stabled.

    Hopefully tomorrow it will just turn on normally then we can happy with it. I am not sure you know about the 4 fan on top of Board Case Please see picture. Those fans are connecting with J5 cable, they are IDLE Power in but can not move so make alot of heat. I disconnect the J5 but without those Fan will AVR1 getting too Hot ? I let the Controller Box run more than 30mins without those 4 Fan, the AVR getting under 50 Celcius Degree, at that time only Air Kicker Unit running. It look quite hard for me to remove those Fan, screws secure those Fan are hidden on top of the Case and that case having 4 screws secure to the back panel of controller box about 40cm deep to reach it. Maybe an Easy way is remove AD controller Screen then remove top Panel by Drilling those Rivet Nut then secure it back with Bolt and Nut.

    I really need your help to identify Encoder Line Colours so I can soldering them directly because it broken please see picture. In the picture that Male Jack is broken ( hopefully not damage the Encoder ) and Female Jack is badly damage. My friend's robot arm need alots of thing to do compare to mine.... The Encoder having 14 wire out and model of Ac Servo Motor is MFA420FY0BS

    Thank you very much Kwakisaki,

    Dear Kwakisaki,

    Wow, you are arduino fan. I like arduino but since it open source or something, i am quite feel disecure. Anyway you were enjoy your weekend is a lovely thing i like to hear. Luckily you have your own machine so you can redo it, one time i was bring some steel material to CnC shop for mill and leathe. They did it beautiful but just 1 slight difference, inside diameter 1millimiter bigger than my draw. " Why ? Oh i lost your page so i use normal tube to mesurement " yeah normal water tube huh. But i still have to pay and bring my stuff back. Then make alot of call, find address and go to another shop...... the 4th shop did it good. It took alots of effort just to do some DIY stuff.

    Back to my friend's controller, the dead AVR produce no Vdc out lol.
    I did nothing on clear error, just pressed Clear button lol.
    I will update more process later.
    I dont think i will doing any business with robot service. In my country machinery business is Hit and Run business. I do not see much owner 100% commit to it.

    Dear Kwakisaki,

    How was your weekend ? Please do not tell me you were working on my case.

    First - I swaped the AVR1 ---> Turned the Power on nothing up ! Spotted the AVR 24vdc ( I have circle the Device in picture ) has no Green Led on.....BUMPED me !
    Swapped that AVR ----> Green LED is on ----> CR1, CR2 restart cycle ----> Mesurement the DB1 : X21, Y21 Red Line input stable 24.8vac and P20,N20 Blue Line output stable 21,2vdc.
    Dead End Road for me ----> Removed all the Cards again, see 1BP having JP1 ( do not know what to do so let it stay ), ZR board removed and put back secure all the Jack connection again.
    Then WAH LA..... SCREEN is ON without Restart got the screen shoot.
    1 Cable at Block A, Block B is J9.
    1 Cable's label J5 i do not know what to do.
    Anyway, let both of them open the screen still on.

    Second - Turned it off, swap the AVR1 Original back to it and Wah la.....Screen is on again with teach pendant.
    Had some error, cleared them all but Error 509 still exit.

    Conclusion: AVR 24vdc should be the problem ( luckily it dead at right time so it should be not a trouble anymore )
    ZR Card or BP Card or all the Cards were not surely contact with BX or any Jack Connection was not secure. But I am surely they should be good because I found the little sticker on AVR1 mention 2011 year, I suppose that mean this Controller Box been check on 2011. I think Me is the mistake, at the beginning there was no Link between EpCom-EpOff-EpOn so nothing happen - then I decided to remove all the card for pictures. Yes I might not secure the Card when putting them back.

    We did success to bring the Screen on for more inspection but still not 100% what cause the problem.
    Well a Happy Day for me atleast !!

    Thank you Kwakisaki,

    PS: Extra Badly Damage Fan under Power Block A,B picture

    Dear Kwakisaki,

    I am very please for your commend. I do not know where and when i had learn it, maybe when I am helping some guys doing electric maintenance. I am just helping around so some guys they will not hesitate to tell me how to check how to use Digital Multimeter ( well i have to google translate from VietNamese language to English and compare picture too ) LOL.

    1. Check if 1BP LED'S also going on/off. Yes Clearly 100% sure I see 1BP's Led are on off and 1AE 9ZA's Led are on off too i think.
    2. DB1 is rectifier for DC supply to 1BP board for Brake circuits etc - Could you measure this voltage - is DC. I will check tomorrow or maybe sunday ( right now is 8pm Saturday Night )
    3. Can you disconnect Robot Harnesses too (during test) - do not worry about errors (I assume you have these also connected). For all the Test from the beginning of this Thread, the Controller Box stand alone no connect to Robot Arm, unless Controller is Ready.
    4. Can you tell what the cable is ident (see attached). The Cable is J8 or J9, I will confirm it soon.
    5. AVR1 in card rack could have capacitor charge up issue or overload, you could replace with yours to test. Please help me by Mark it with circle or anything so i can identify what is AVR1.

    Thank you very much !!! Please enjoy your Lovely Weekend.

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