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    Ok, but if I use all motions with S, I get very same result. My orig program is not important as I have this problem in this simple program too. I understand I cant mix these motions together. So please is there any different possibility how to rotate A6 by 720°C without SPTP_REL? I tried "FOR" function but it is important for me to set acceleration and speed of rotation. I thing I can't set this parameters in "FOR" function. Can I?

    Sorry for my lame access, but I'm not very experienced in this and because of COVID I can't attend any training course....Thanks

    OK, I understand, but whatever I use I have same problem. After SPTP_REL (A6 starts and ends in same coordinate 0 - thats correct) A6 makes small rotation 1,2° and than go to P1.


    I'm solving small problem with my kuka robot.

    Initial A6 angle is 0.

    I use SPTP_REL {A6 720} for turning A6 all around twice. Robot stops exactely back at A6 0. But the problem is, that after this motion there is another slight rotation (+-2°). Than it goes via LIN to next point (also with A6 0).

    Don't you know what this small rotation means and how to remove it?

    Thank you

    If only you could have explained this from the start.

    The solution is not making the A6 to turn endlessly. The solution is to attach a proper tool to do the polishing. It will cost less than fixing A6 from the spectacularly increased wear.

    Hmm, how could your comment help me?

    I understand, but my problem is that I need a lot of 360° rotation.

    To explain my application:

    I have polishing brush fixed in A6. I need to start rotating of A6 and then go through some points on a metal sheet. Also I need to try few speeds of A6 rotating. That means I have no idea how many times A6 will rotate all around.


    could anyone advise how to set motion during all program?

    I mean, at the begining I need A6 to start rotation and go through few points while A6 is still rotating.

    When program go through all points I want to stop A6 rotating.

    I need to ignore position of A6 at each particular point.

    Thank you very much

    Oh, quite complicated for me. Would you be so generous and send me your common three-level stack? Just for example. Thank you very much

    Hello, I'm quite new in kuka programing. I need a little help.

    I have lin motion from A point to B point. I need to stop robot between A and B when some output gets true. Immediatelly after that go to point C, not matter I didn't reach B point.

    Could you advise how to do that?

    Thank you

    3. you probably want to forget about keeping A5 angle constant. i see no reason for it. most reasonable choice is to go STRAIGHT DOWN from initial position, keeping tool orientation constant (rather than A5 angle). if robot is always starting from fixed initial position (and i don't see why not) than measurement can be done once at that position - unless if level is changing dynamically and can be different by the time P is submerged.

    I think you don't understand my problem.

    Robot always starts from same initial position. Then going down from this position as long as the input from laser is 0.

    Laser in initial position has value 7000. When going down value from laser is decreasing. When it reach f.e. 6000 input from laser changes to 1.

    (The value 6000 is just example, I can set whatever I want) And when input changes to 1 robot stops. It works fine.

    The problem is that as level of suspension decreasing I need to change value "6000". Because the lower the suspension level is the higher value I need to set.

    So every time the level is lower I need to set new value for laser. I don't want to do that.

    See picture. Two situations. The first one with full tank and second one with lower level.

    X1 and X2 are not the same. It is because angle A5 has changed and therefore distance from P point to laser (in Z axis) is different.

    If I set laser value for second situation same as for first one, P point would go under the level of suspension what I don't want.

    Yes, the last one is correct. But as I have external axis E1 I can move whole robot on track and by A1 rotation get again to the middle of tank.

    See top view of my situation.

    Hello, sorry. My problem is quite difficult. I don't know if my english is good enough to explain it clearly.

    I'll try it but please be patient.

    I use robot for dipping parts in special suspension.

    The problem is that the suspenison level in tank varies.

    Because of that there is laser instaled on the robot which measures level of suspension.

    See attached picture. This is initial possition before dipping.

    P is the point which has to touch the level of suspension.

    I can set value for laser which represents distance between laser and suspension level.

    This should guarantee that no matter how low the level is, P point will always touch the level.

    Now I use LIN_REL (z-1) in loop. When laser reaches the set value there is input which stops the loop.

    Problem is that during motion the angle A5 is increasing -> distance X is changing -> As suspension level decreases I need to change value for laser.

    So I need to keep angle A5 constant which guarantee the dimension X will be kept constant too.

    There is one external axis E1. Robot is on track and can be moved as shown at pic.

    I'm quite new in robotics so if you need any more info please dont hesitate to ask me.

    Thank you very much.

    Hello all.

    In our company, we are solving one problem.

    Is it somehow possible to lock one of the axis (A5) for LIN_REL motion? I mean I need to change possition of robot head by straight vertical motion but need to keep "A5" constant.

    Thank you very much