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    As I know, S4C is not supported in Robotstudio.

    Are there any older version of Robotstudio available that compatible with S4C (S4C+)?

    Or only RoboDK can be a solution?

    There's difference between the shown welding torch and the tool.

    The welding torch is created from 3D model, it is the "theoretical" tool.

    The coordinate system you can see at the end of the torch is the actual TCP.

    It is synchronized from the backup...

    All my other program runs well nearly along the programmed position.

    For example:

    I have problem only with the targets I have created in Robotstudio.

    Later I will try to make a Pack&Go.

    The extax value problem solved, thank you!

    But something still not OK.

    In the first video, you can see my procedure's targets with 'view robot at target' function.

    That what I would like to see.

    But you can see the movement when I run the procedure, in the next video.

    What I am doing wrong? :)

    Right click your controller and select activate external axis, activate the appropriate axis (all three are only active during indexing, so typically you'd use STN1 or STN2)

    Thank You.

    It works.

    Now I already have extax values for the targets.

    I have modified the tartgets, and I will test it later.

    The 'position outside reach message' is still there at the first movement, and I still don't understand why...


    Now I am working from home, so I try to get experience in RS.

    I have created our welding cell from a backup on my PC.

    An IRB 2400L and an IRBP500K positioner (IRC5).

    They are able to perform coordinated movements.

    Everything is fine, all programs are working well, what I have previously taught manually.

    But I am stuck with creating program in Robotstudio.

    The targets I have created, do not store the turning angle of the positioner, so when I try to run the program I get "Missing External Axis Value" event message. :(

    Of course the positioner does not turn with the robot, when it should...

    The positioner should be turn to this position:

    I have tried to modify the extax values manually.

    Right click, modify extax and also tried overwrite robtarget in rapid, but I got further event messages I didn't understand.

    At the first target, I got "Position Outside Reach".

    It's not recognizable for me in this situation why.

    The first target is a simple movement, positioner turns to -150 degree, the robot axis 1 turns to the working area from safe position.

    I have taught similar movements manually several times.

    It could not be configuration problem...

    When I skip the first MOVE, an move PP to second movement, the robot and the positioner finally moves, but the position is different from the programmed position. :O

    Programmed position:

    Actual movement:

    I think something not OK with my targets created in RS.

    Or the method I have created them.

    When I teach robot from TPU (in reality), the robtarget always stores the actual positioner angle when I use 'wobj_stn' workobject.

    These robtargets are working fine in RS.

    I can run programs with coordinated movements (weld circular seams around the rotating axis of the stations).

    These are all manually taught programs...

    So I am confused.

    Thanks for your suggestions in advance.

    Best regards,



    I have also stuck with something.

    I could create targets, path and synchronize into RAPID and place it into the corresponding module.

    Here it is:

    The positioner should be in this position (-150 degrees, the fixture is in vertical position).

    But the stored targets doesn't store the positioner values.

    When I point to a target with the mouse, the positioner should turn into its stored position.

    But only the robot changes its orientation, like this.

    When I try to run the routine, I get an Error message: Missing ext ax values...

    All tools and work objects are correct.

    When I use 'wobj_stn' work object (when I teach manually) then the robot position turns with the positioner.

    It is store the position of the positioner too.

    How can I make the positioner move with the robot?

    How can I store its position in a target?

    I have tried to overwrite the positioner position manually, but is did not work...

    Thanks for suggestions.

    Finally I have modified the position of the positioner according to my measured data.

    When RS asked me to modify the layout according to the virtual conrtoller, I click NO.

    And know I am "welding" :)

    I know there are differences between Station 1 and Station 2 fixtures, I have separate poses for each side.

    I would like to "visually" cheat the fixture positions in the RS station according to my manually taught positions (if it is possible).

    If I will go to the company again I will measure the correct position of the robot, and "correct" it in the RS station...

    So I have dressed the robot up with fixture, parts and tool, and let my manually taught in program run.

    Something still not OK with the system layout.

    As you can see, the torch should be in welding position (see flex pendant).

    But it is higher...

    According to the system layout (came from the backup) the robot sits 1540 mm high.

    Previously I measured it, and it is approx 1400 mm in the reality...

    From where these dimensions come from the backup?

    I can set the position manually, but what happens when I create a backup from this RS system to robot, and restore it to the robot?

    When you create the system from backup it should not do as you described. The contents of the HOME folder are nnot necessarily loaded into the program memory. What you see in the backup in the RAPID folder for Task0, Task1 and so on will have sub folders for PROGMOD and SYSMOD, those will have the modules in them that were actually loaded at the time the backup was made.

    You were right.

    I have already found my Tooldata, it was in the RAPID/TASK1/SYSMOD/BE_user.sys

    All my actual programs were in this RAPID folder and the SYSPAR folder.

    But there was a lot of copies about a lot of .mod and .sys

    So I have made a 'cleared' backup, and deleted all modules and files that already exist in RAPID or SYSPAR folders.

    I did not deleet anything I don' know what it is.

    A have run the System bulder again with the cleared bacuo without anything manually added.

    Just click finish...

    And it seems working :)

    Halleluyah. :)


    That's how our cell looks like:

    (the robot has turned into 'Safe position' in the picture)

    And that's how the RS read it from the backup without any manual information added:

    The position of the robot and the positioner is not correct.

    And I cannot find my prog modules that I have in the backup.

    Here's how the Cell looks like when I add thigs manually during using sistem builder:

    The system layout is good, and there are my program modules on the left side.

    Mainly I use Production manager.

    So the operato selects program from Prod Manager

    Pgf is not for production manager work?

    Just an idea...

    And what about program files (pgf)?

    I have it only on the HOME folder, and did not find it in the TASK folder.

    Yes, I have figured out the important modules are in the TASK folder.

    Until I didn't add the modules manually in the system builder, I didn't see them in the RS. Or I didn't search them in the corresponding place? :/

    I'm not sure...

    One thing is sure, when I simply create the system from the backup, and click finish without added any further information, the situation was the same as I described in my first post.

    I am new to Robot Studio but I keep improving ^^

    Come back soon...

    I decided to clear my backup manually. I can get insight into my program modules with text editor and see, which is actual...

    After that, I will build the system again from this cleared backup.

    Mainly the HOME folder is problematic.

    I have figured out, where are my actual program modules located.

    But these modules are also can be found (once or twice more) in the HOME folder.

    That's the situation also with some sys modules...

    When I add all of them in the system builder, then the RS station will be chaotic...

    I cannot find anything because of duplicated data.

    I should find that module, that contains that missing Tool to make it run...

    However I don't know why does it need it.

    It is an unused routine, however it is declared in the same module. But I don't want to run that routine...


    I asked the local ABB guys for the corresponding Robot Ware version, and I got it. Now the station was read in from the backup more or less correctly.

    I have figured out how to make my program modules appear in the RS. When I run System Builder, a lot of information can be added, if I click the next button instead of finish. :P

    Something is still not perfect.

    I can't find some of my tool data.

    Do somebody know where is it located in the backup?

    There's one consequence for me.

    I have to organize data in the backup, because there are a lot of trash in it. Duplicated programs, modules etc. and it's not easy to figure out which is in use, and which is just "stored"...

    As you know, Robot Studio till the end of this year, so I decided to getting started with it.

    I would like to build our welding cell from a backup I have on my PC.

    I have found the system builder function, and I could open the last backup.

    I could create a new station from this backup, but the position of the robot and the positioner is not correct. The robot is placed into the positioner's coordinate system...

    I could offset the position according to the 3D model I have. I have measured the distance and set up the correct position. But I am not sure it's OK.

    Our system Robot Ware version is 5.15

    The oldest Robot Ware version I can download from the RS is 5.16

    This could be also a problem.

    How can I download the corresponding Robot Ware 5.15 version?

    I am afraid it is not supported any more...

    When I have restored the backup in the RS, I don't see the program modules in it, only the system modules.

    How can I open the existing program (pgf) in the RS?

    That contains my program modules...