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    See the "sensor control" section in the "programmer's manual for new language environment Motoplus" manual.

    It explain about real time data and speed control.

    Is it possible to use this function whilst synchronous with conveyor?

    Is it possible to use this function whilst servo float is active?

    Looking forward to your reply, thanks in advance.


    For our application we operate products which are transported by a conveyor.
    This is done by using the conveyor synchronized functions, i.e.,

    SYEND CV#(1)
    SYSTART CV#(1) STP=0.000 OL=75.0
    SYMOVL Pxxx EXxxx V=Ixxx CV#(1) CTP=0.000 PL=Ixxx)
    SYEND CV#(1)
    CVQUE CV#(1)

    After the synchronization is ended, the robot stops at it's current position and takes some time to begin it's next move command (back to the start position: MOVJ Pxxx Exxx VJ=Ixxx).
    It's desirable to minimize or avoid the delay during the end of synchronization.
    I wonder if people also experienced this and found methods to avoid or to minimize the slack during the end of synchronization.
    Any experiences and tips are welcome.

    With kind regards.

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