End synchronization of conveyor, robot (DX200) slows down.

  • Hello,

    For our application we operate products which are transported by a conveyor.
    This is done by using the conveyor synchronized functions, i.e.,

    SYEND CV#(1)
    SYSTART CV#(1) STP=0.000 OL=75.0
    SYMOVL Pxxx EXxxx V=Ixxx CV#(1) CTP=0.000 PL=Ixxx)
    SYEND CV#(1)
    CVQUE CV#(1)

    After the synchronization is ended, the robot stops at it's current position and takes some time to begin it's next move command (back to the start position: MOVJ Pxxx Exxx VJ=Ixxx).
    It's desirable to minimize or avoid the delay during the end of synchronization.
    I wonder if people also experienced this and found methods to avoid or to minimize the slack during the end of synchronization.
    Any experiences and tips are welcome.

    With kind regards.

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