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    I'm working with vision system and I need to modify tool frame when I measure offset.

    I have user frame and tool frame set in the center point of my camera and I need to shift the tool frame when the part is offset to get correct rotation angle for SHIFTON TL.

    How can I calculate correct coordinates for tool frame so it will be same as the user frame based on robot current position?


    We have gettool and settool commands available. I am able to get the useframe origin in pvar, but can't figure out how to convert it.


    I'm trying to figure out how to write variables in to text file and I'm really struggling to figure out right way to do it. I have read the CREAD/CWRITE manual and searched related topics from here, but many of the examples are gone and i'm useless with kuka syntax manuals.

    I would appreciate if someone could give me example how do I write 2 INT and one REAL variable with timestamps in to one text file.

    Kss 8.3.34

    INT V=1000

    INT V2=2000

    REAL V3=10500.80000