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    Hi everyone!

    Can't understand where is my mystake in using LOAD program instruction.

    As relult, I have:

    ListSTATUS = 0


    LoadSTATUS=2014 - file not found.

    Can't understand, what's the problem :(

    After the first command (krl_mount):


    After the second command (krl_fopen):

    CWRITE($FCT_CALL, State, Mode, "krl_mount", "/test", "//", "KukaUser", "0E76390E88C27932C9816D326AF12CEA2B")

    It works. The command was executed without any error. Then I try opening a file:

    CWRITE ($FCT_CALL, State, Mode, "krl_fopen", "/test/test.txt", "w", nHandle, #FULL_BUFF)

    but have an error: Mount point not found :hmmm:


    try to map something that is on existing machine, maybeon C:\ then on D:\

    Do you mean trying to get access to the machine on which I execute KRL program?
    If yes, I did this way. Firstly on D:\ and then on C:\. I executed the program on Rob1 (ip and used the code:

    CWRITE($FCT_CALL, State, Mode, "krl_mount", "/TestMount", "//", "KUKAUser", "0E76390E88C27932C9816D326AF12CEA2B")

    Is that right?

    Hi, panic mode
    Thanks, it works.
    But now I have another issue.
    I have two robots. I want to have access to the files on Rob2 from Rob1 (using KRL program). The both robots are connected to the company network and I have access to them from my office laptop.
    I executed khash.exe on Rob2 and got the encrypted password (For encryption I used the standard kuka password: 68kuka1secpw59)
    Now I try to create a mount point by calling krl_mount() function:

    CWRITE($FCT_CALL, State, Mode, "krl_mount", "/TestMount", "//", "KUKAUser", "0E76390E88C27932C9816D326AF12CEA2B")

    But CWRITE returns the error: Operation failed: invalid user, incorrect password, mount point
    not available, file not available, etc.

    Don't understand what I do wrong. Maybe I should use the other data for USERNAME and PASSWORD? ???

    Hi, guys.
    Can someone help me to understand the use of the program khash.exe? It's not clear for me from CREAD, CWRITE manual.

    1. I can't find cmdk.exe in the system. I so understand I can use cmd.exe? Ok. I execute khash.exe on the Windows shell cmd.exe (see the attached image). Where should I look for the encrypted password.

    2. Which password should I use? For example, I have two robots in my network (rob1 and rob2). I want to have an access from rob1 to the file on the D drive of the rob2 (by CWRITE). On which robot should I execute khash.exe to get the encrypted password? Or it makes no differance?

    RELEASE Statement
    Purpose: Releases all motion control of the robot arm and auxiliary or extended axes from the KAREL
    program so that they can be controlled by the teach pendant while a KAREL program is running.

    Under what conditions can we have this: program had motion control before TP is ON + teach pendant is ON + KAREL program is running after TP is ON? ???

    And from the remarks to the B.1 SETTING UP DIGITAL OUTPUT PORTS FOR PROCESS MONITORING program:

    Release motion control from the KAREL program to the TP control. Robot can be moved to desired Perch position without disturbing the flow of this KAREL task.

    How is it possible? ???


    No, it won't work. Just read what the manual says - programs CAN NOT lock any motion group for %NOPAUSE to work.
    You might try writing a program with %NOPAUSE (or Ignore Pause set to true), which in turn will RUN (not CALL) a program with a motion group - I think it might work.

    Yes, it works. Thank u very much.
    But, if the combination %NOPAUSE and no %NOLOCKGROUP directive doesn't work, how to understand the example B.1 SETTING UP DIGITAL OUTPUT PORTS FOR PROCESS MONITORING from KAREL manual? They use this combination and they use RELEASE and ATTACH commands in the program. ???

    Hi, pmt257...
    Thank u for help.
    Now it's work. But the reason why it didn't work before is unknown. ???
    It worked the next day without problems. And it doesn't depend on whether it's a parent program or a subprogram.
    But with KAREL programs this feature still doesn't work. I try to understand the reason...

    Hello everybody.
    In the TP program header information there is an attribute:

    Ignore Pause
    If the program type has been set to NONE, you can use ignore pause to specify whether the program
    will continue to run even when an error occurs, a command is issued (such as pushing EMERGENCY
    STOP or HOLD), or the teach pendant is enabled. Ignore pause is allowed only in programs that do
    not have motion groups specified such as an I/O monitoring program. This means that programs that
    use ignore pause cannot contain any motion instructions.

    There is something like that in a KAREL program:

    %NOPAUSE Translator Directive
    Purpose: Specifies a mask for pausing
    • The bits for the mask are as follows:
    ERROR : ignore pause error severity
    COMMAND : ignore pause command
    TPENABLE : ignore paused request when TP enabled
    • Any combination of ERROR, COMMAND, and TPENABLE can be specified.
    • If the program is paused by itself, the %NOPAUSE directive will be ignored and program
    execution will be paused.
    • This directive is only effective for programs with %NOLOCKGROUP. If the program has motion
    control, the %NOPAUSE Directive will be ignored and program execution will be paused.

    But I can't understand under what conditions it works. I tried run programs (TP or KAREL) with all these settings in AUTO mode and then turned on Teach Pendant and the running program went into PAUSE state.
    Can anybody help me to understand the reason?

    Hello, guys...
    In the KAREL Reference Manual there is the example:

    According to this example, as I understand, when robot is in AUTO mode and this program is running, if perch position is not recorded, under some conditions I can turn TP off and move the robot.
    Did somebody try this program? Today I did it, but when turning TP on I have the error message: "TP enabled in AUTO mode".
    What's wrong with this example? Or may be I got this program wrong?

    Maybe just because you didn't declare what structure you want to use for PATH, there KAREL can not find "node_pos " variable.

    I'm not sure. I have to declare the structure if I declare the path variable with the clause NODEDATA following the word PATH.


    A PATH can be declared with either, neither, or both of the following clauses following the
    word PATH:
    — NODEDATA = node_struct_name, specifying the data structure constituting a path node.
    — PATHHEADER = header_struct_name, specifying the structure constituting the path header.

    If not...


    If NODEDATA is not specified, it defaults to the STD_PTH_NODE structure described in
    Appendix A.


    But, from KAREL reference manual:

    And there is the example from the manual:

    I have a very simple program code in KAREL

    The program compiles succesfully. But when running it gives the error for 10th line: VARS-024 Bad variable or register index.
    Can't find the problem.