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    You can buy either a office lite (stand alone software to simulate the kuka controller software inside a virtual machine on a standard pc) from kuka or you could buy a Opc (office system) from kuka. The second solution is a special pc from kuka with additional hardware components you can install standard kuka controller software on.


    I dont look this software... i asked for this and not provide me

    Hi!! I have a questions... in the past cloned the hard disk of kuka robot with KRC4 system.... created a virtual machine and appeared the picture of teach but not run the krc system and appeared errors because the controllers not have (drivers of motors i think).... I modified the code of visual and not appears any error but the screen not change... and I cant view any menu.

    Can you help me?

    Other options i tryed start the program "StartKRC.exe" appeared the SmartHMI but my pc locked.

    I think if we develop, this is good for the people view all options without robots and develop other options in this systems.

    Thanks and if you have any questions please talk with me!

    Hi can we help me.
    In one NJ220 with c5g controller i configured profinet master in the robot to control one device "Festo". I put the SPB in the route but when I change this SPB lost the configuration of robot. Show the error 40040/4. IO_CNFG (2589): DV_CNTRL error 577 when I configure again the device with SPB. If not add SPB I cant configure X20IFI3-1.

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