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    i have a problem when i upload JBI file to DX100 through Pendant. when i uploaded , 1 of 3 programs got error 3190 [4] : error in job data record. Error 3190 [4] is about the record on the position data section is wrong for the format. i tried to make a new position for this program with shifting the position, however the program still error when it uploaded and got same error 3190 [4].
    do you have any suggestion for my problem?

    thank you

    i use motoman SIA 10D with DX100. i got alarm 4416 pulse limit [R1 : max slurbte] when i run my program. is this related to S1CxG parameters? dou you have any solution for me?

    thank you


    i already followed that instructions. but in 2.3, i failed. in my CMD just show " Connected to" and after that i cannt input any command (just like lagging, cannot do anything in CMD). after i waited for couple minutes, CMD show this "Connection closed by remote host."


    i have a problem with my robot. i use motoman SIA 10D with DX100 as controller. i have program and run it in the robot. but, when i run it, the robot suddently out of the tool path and stop. and in the pendant appears Alarm 4416 pulse limit [R1 : Max Slurbite]. i search it on google,but i still have no clue to solve it.

    do you any suggestion for me?

    Thank you

    i dont know FTP function in my DX100 is enabled or not.
    i tried to search it but there is no information that i found to enable it. i just got DX100 options instructions for FTP function. and in that document, it doesn't state anything about enabling FTP on DX100

    i already change the parameter based on the instruction file. here's some instruction to change about the parameter and i already did it.

    and i found in this forum Overwriting JBI file via ftp server , parameter RS59 and RS214 need to change the value and i already did it.

    but, after all of it, i still cant use FTP.

    i contacted yaskawa team, and the answer they dont now about this problem and they have no clue.

    do you any suggestion for me?

    Contents Setting
    RS000 Specifies the protocol for the
    standard port.
    2 (BSC) 3 (FC1)

    Contents Initial Value
    RS029 Loading of job/variable during playback 1: Enable
    RS030 Specifies the data bits. 8: 8 bits
    RS031 Specifies the stop bits. 0: 1 bit
    RS032 Specifies the parity. 2: Even
    RS033 Specifies the baud rate. 7: 9600
    RS036 Specifies the enquiry character retry count for
    invalid responses or nonresponses.
    10: 10
    RS037 Specifies the text data transmission retry count for
    block check error (NAK reception).
    3: 3 (counts)
    RS038 Specifies the block check method. 0: Checksum

    Adjust the following parameters to stabilize the FTP transmissions as


    er No.
    Contents Recommend
    ed Setting
    for FTP
    RS034 TIMER A: Timer for monitoring the sequence.
    Controls the response waiting time for the
    invalid responses or nonresponses.
    Units: 0.1 sec (setting range: 0 to 100)
    100 30
    RS035 TIMER B: Timer for monitoring text reception.
    Controls the monitoring time to wait for the
    text termination character.
    Units: 0.1 sec (setting range: 0 to 255)
    200 200

    I am Farhan. i use Motoman SIA 10D with DX100 as a controller for my project. i wanna use FTP feature on DX100 and followed document : the instructions from DX100 options instructions for FTP. when i tried DX100 as FTP server, i could notaccess the FTP through CMD on my laptop and CMD just said

    Connected to

    Connection closed by remote host.

    the connections are immediately closed by the system when it succed to connected.

    when i tried DX100 as FTP client, i couldn't find FTP option on External memory menu.

    do you have any ideas for my problem?

    Thank you

    i have a project that control robot motoman SIA 10D with DX100 as controller to do machining, drilling, deburing on a workpiece. i tried to do that with roboDK but the softwere failed to connect the robot. i tried to contact roboDK but still don't get any solution. do you have any suggertion for connect between robot and roboDK problem? or any recomendation to simultae and control robot?

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