Posts by Waynebot

    The joint move made my entire pick go out of position. Seems like if I removed the mrots and only put the wjnt on the first linear move it seems to have taken care of the issue. We ran well today from the feedback I was receiving.

    the part is oriented all over a mass flow conveyor. It is a rectangular part and I can tell which way it’s facing and picking it a certain direction. A DEF bottle spout if your familiar

    We did the manual grid configuration as it seems like the only workable option.

    We have tried numerous times to get the camera configured correctly, but we always seem to lose the proper pick position when the rotation is introduced.

    Code runs a run_find and then a get_offset to vr1, then we move to a PR that offsets by vr1.

    Gripper tool frame is set with two point plus z, I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong but it’s something. Fanuc says it’s either my tool frame or motor mastering. Any thoughts?

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