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    What I am trying to do here:

    On the single infeed line when boxA is at pickup point and 1054 bit is high; it calls testpallet1() program and The robot picks up BoxA and palletize on palletA j(bit 1054 is low) jumps out to mainprogram().

    Now bit 1055 is high because boxB is at pickup point; it calls testpallet2 () program and palletize it on PalletB ( bit 1055 is low)

    (Here bits are controlled by PLC so that the robot knows which box is at pickup point.)

    Whats actually happening: is that when the 1054 bit is high it will call the testpallet1 () and after completing few steps in the program it will give me an error that "the program is still in use" cannot jump to another program.

    Although I am using CASE statement I can still not achieve the desired result. The current program I have with CASE statement will execute, when it completes all four boxes it will return to the main program. When the next bit is high it will execute

    Is this because I am using FOR loop? How can I run FOR loop doing one box at a time from prod.no1 and prod.no2

    prgm prod.no1 ()

    FOR row to rowmax step 1

    POINT PUT= SHIFT( start by row*rowmax

    Robot Moves


    You've already mentioned a sensor to select between pallets and a case statement, so you've answered your own question.

    How do I ensure that the robot is palletising in the right order- In the code, the Robot is counting the box.

    What am I missing in this code?

    Doesn't make any sense to me, can you elaborate, maybe provide a sketch/model drawing?

    The robot is receiving the box A and B from a single infeed line-

    The robot picks up box A and palletizes on the pallet A - One pallet has four rectangular boxes- (attached pic)

    Robot Picks up box B and palletizes on pallet B.- One palview?usp=share_linklet has four rectangular box


    I am working on a program where I have a single infeed line and the robot is palletizing at two different positions.

    I am planning to use a sensor which tells me about the product eg if sensor A is high (line 1) if sensor B is high (line 2)
    Also, Planning to use a switch case in the program (e.g. CASE OF VALUE OF).

    What is the common practice for programming for two different palletizing styles? (four boxes on a pallet1 (vertical)-, Pallet2 (horizontal))- (6 size box for each pallet)

    I want to make sure the right product goes into the correct pallet. What safety precautions one can take? Programming-wise, (e.g. different products on different pallets).

    Thank you in advance :smiling_face:

    Kawasaki BX series - E02 controller

    Thank you so much,Kwakisaki for this kind gesture :smiling_face: .

    I am using Licensed version 1.8.4

    I am starting this project from scratch, I used the handling project guide, and I thought that I could start with AS language (Using Manual) but it's kind of confusing because I don't have much knowledge about K-roset. I have received Basic Kawasaki E controller training (from Kawasaki robotics).

    I have created the layout using stl files, but was unable to create krprj tool file, I tried adding obstacles into the null tool but it didn't work. I want to use my own tool, is their any way I can create tool krprj file?

    Next, I followed the Handling project guide and created a program but I am getting an error" abnormal step 5" and it has a question mark at the beginning of the command line. I tried changing it to tool coordinate, or JMOVE from LMOVE but it's giving me the same error. (the question can be seen in the teach pendent).

    I am looking at the error code, but there is not solution in the manual.

    Thank you so much, I really appreciate your help


    I am new to Robotics, and currently, I am working on Kawasaki BX 300L,

    I have a few questions, I don't know what I am doing wrong, Can anyone help?

    1)The Robot Joints have turned pink, and red what does that mean?

    2) I am not able to load the tool file (STL) to the robot, for now, I am using a pre-loaded tool from the library.

    3) when I type HERE command it gives me this error message?


    Illegal input data.

    X[mm] Y[mm] Z[mm] O[deg] A[deg] T[deg]

    1140.816 1228.208 1168.053 47.113 90.000 -90.000

    Change? (If not, Press RETURN only.)


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