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    Thank u for the answer!

    for the air pressure i found it in the ladder programm! Yaskawa put this signal in the USER ALLARM OCCUR!

    Maybe i can try to create another signal for thi error!


    Where can I find the list of errors I use?

    I created an error 8000 using SETUALM, but is it possible to actually see what section it is in?

    for example in SYSTEM INFO or IN/OUT..

    an other question!

    in the I/O ALARM (user) section i found "low air pressure" in section 9064!

    how can i see where this error is located and change the range?

    thank you very much in advance :)

    After you delete the CAPTURE tag on line 22, add another instruction right below line 22. In the INFORM LIST under ARITH is the GETS. You want to write the instruction as GETS Px010 $Px001. This should then work the same as the job with the CAPTURE tag.

    Perfect, thank u very much!

    Have a nice day!

    Most likely cause of this is, the controller you are trying to load the job into doesn't have new enough software. The CAPTURE tag came out approximately software YAS4.40.

    If that is the case, you are going to have to kick it old school with the GETS.


    im deleting the CAPTURE instruccion and now i can putting the Job in the GP25

    So I only need to use the GETS instructions?

    how do you think I can get around this problem? In your opinion if I delete only the CAPTURE instruction, but the rest of the program remains the same, can it work?


    the controller is the same (YRC1000)

    Otherwise, I just wanted to understand why in the GP25 controller I could not find the CAPTURE instruction anywhere!

    I know that copying a job done by a different payload robot and putting it on another is not ideal, but I just wanted to copy the logic so I wouldn't have to rewrite the whole thing!

    Of course I made sure to change the tool, frame, movements, P, etc.

    I tried deleting the CAPTURE instruction and now it doesn't give me the error!

    Hi guys, i have this problem!

    Syntax error in instruction data L:0005

    where is the problem? is the CAPTURE??

    I created this Job with an other Robot(GP7) and now im try to load this job in the robot(GP25)!

    Someone can help me? please