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    Hello all,

    My co-worker and I are currently trying to get a DX200 MH180 robot up and operational after removing it from production.

    We do not have means of connecting to PLC for safeties. We are constantly getting ALARM 4911 SAFETY FIELDBUSS COMM NOT BUILT [1].

    would anybody be able to help out trying to bypass this issue? we are pretty much stuck on trying to figure this out. Thought we could try here before calling Motoman support.

    Thank you!


    There are 9 file for shock level under ROBOT menu. File from 1 to 7 is to use shock level instructions (Inform instruction) in the job, file number 8 is for play mode, it means when robot is in play mode it use this values, file number 9 is for teach mode. Only file 9 have one value other files can give values for each axis separate. You can set value detection for each axis.

    Thank you for the reply.

    After a co-worker was speaking with Motoman it turns out that it is a Yaskawa parameter setting to be able to view shock detection levels on each individual axis.

    Hey all,

    I'm currently working on rebuilding a NX100 ES165N. I was hoping to be able to set the shock detection level on an axis basis. Currently I'm only able to set on generic R1. is it possible to adjust this so I can see levels on S,L,U,R,B,T?

    Thank you!

    Issues are now resolved, after swapping out once again the R & B amplifiers as well as the wiring harness going from the AXA01 board to the amplifiers we are no longer receiving any more grinding noise from the motors/encoders.

    Thank you

    Is the controller with the grinding noise initialized for the exact model of the robot, the exact dash number?

    Thinking it is a different robot could cause the servos to hunt and peck.

    Thank you for your response,

    yes the controller was initialized for the exact model of the robot. we were hoping that would have fixed the issue but we were unsuccessful.

    if we cant figure out soon we will end up calling motoman support and I'll post the findings when done.

    Hey all,

    Looking for some assistance here. currently have a NX100 ES165N we are refurbishing. on our known good test controller we have no issues running this robot and there are no unknown noises coming from it.

    We have currently grabbed the matching controller for this robot and when we power it up we are getting a grinding noise coming from the R & the B axis motors when we try to move them. Currently we have tried replacing amplifiers, power supply, axa01a board, JZNC-NIF01 board, power supply contactor unit and the converter. with no success. I've looked into the x11,x21,x22 terminals ensuring there are no burn marks, loose wire and also cleaned the connectors.

    would anybody happen to have any information that may help lead up in the correct direction?

    Thank you

    In your first pot you say "PS Motoman NX100 HP20". Is this the same robot or are you working on a new robot?

    You also say you have unplugged the 2BC, but if this robot is a ES165N it will also have a 3BC. Have you unplugged that?

    Did you do the brake release test?

    Thank you for the assistance,

    as it turns out we had accidently switched some of the connectors on the 2BC cable when we were installing the new wiring harness. found this when we were verifying all our connectors.

    once again thank you for the assistance and the quick replies.

    Hello everyone,

    This advise has helped me narrow down our issue as when we disconnected the 2BC cable from the controller we had the same faults appear. My question would now be where would the best place to start investigating in the controller?

    Thank you for your help!

    PS This is a NX100 controlling a es165