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    Hello everyone I was trying to switch something in my joint position check in the dcs settings which was the upper limit thinking it was the robots group 1 upper limit when i was actually changing group 2 upper limit which was the fixture that the robot picks from. So I ended up changing the fixtures upper limit and I went to apply it and restart the robot after restarting robot I got a bunch of safety error that I can’t fix now I tried putting back the old value and it still didint work also tried to do a back up for the dcs settings and loading it back in also didint fix this problem I’m thinking the dcs zone for fixture is gone but I’ll put in a picture of the faults I have revived and I am running four robots in my cell and I changed it to just one robot but the other three robots only have some of these faults maybe from the plc telling the other four robots it’s not safe to move so I’m urgently asking for help how to

    resolve this issue. If I can call anyone or anything please let me know your ideas

    on my Allen Bradley HMI i want to put a login and logout screen for when my operators want to reject a part in production i want to eliminate this from happening by putting a log in so they don't click the button on the hmi to reject the part making this so they have to fix the rejected part instead of scaping it.

    i have uploaded the hmi program to factory view station and see that there is a log in and out function for some of the buttons for the hmi but not the reject button so i know there is logic and tags for this function already made i just don't know how to tie it into another button which is the reject button.

    i have been looking into the plc logic and factory view studio software for this and couldn't find much was wondering if anyone can help me figure out how to tie in a login and out function for this reject button

    How do I fully set up dcs parameters because I have did an INT start and took all the backups and image back ups on the robot before doing this just need to know how to set up the dsc parameter

    Hey guys I just installed a robot in my shop not using it for production and I go to hook up everything and start it up but it is giving me a dcs sso nted input 1,1 error I don’t know where to look to disable this or reset it. If someone can help reset this I tried going to system then dcs menu but not sure where to look

    this is a bollhoff rivnut feeder system i am thinking that this might be a sensor issue on the head of the robot because i have re checked the logic and i seems to be fine so im thinking its a hardware issue with the sensor or communication cable because if not then program would have always stopped if logic was not correct

    I have four robots sitting in a cell and 2 out of 4 of my robots are faulting out which is robot 3 and 4 so on robot 4 it has a rivet feeder which loads the end tooling of the robot with the rivet so im getting this error "waiting DI" so this input signal is for the rivet feeder loading the tooling i could visually see the the rivet on the end of the tooling loaded ready to go but then it faults out saying its waiting for this input to be on meaning that its waiting for the rivet to be loaded in the tool end when it had been loaded in so im thinking it might be a logic issue or maybe something with the macros