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    Hi all,

    I'm working on a KRC4, trying to get it to talk to a Compact GuardLogix PLC. We had this working before, but loading the old deployment and PLC program has not given us much luck. We keep getting a KSS00076 "I/O Driver 'EIPIODriver' uninstalled. I/O mapping not active" error. No other relevant errors or alarms. We have the red band with "Emergency Stop only local" and the three icons are green. I will attach some screen shots of our setup. We are at a loss and are certain this is something simple and stupid.

    EDIT: We only get the EIPIODriver issue when we have IO mapped, otherwise we just get the unfriendly red banner at the top, and no further indication that something is wrong.

    You do have an orientation option under the DOF you will allow, and right now if it is set like pictured, its going to take anything. I would try turning that off and it will likely give you more steady results. I cannot test here, as I don't have a robot with vision installed, just simulation. Good luck!

    The problem is that the camera doesn't see exactly the same thing every snap, a pixel here or there can change orientation.

    It is difficult to see from the images you provided, but a symmetric object will not have a good rotation control. This should be a check in your vision process setup as you teach the GPM locator. I'm away from my roboguide at the moment, but can upload a picture when I get a chance.

    I believe you can take the vision offset, and strip out the rotation if the picking in different rotations is a problem, but it has been a while since I've had to do something similar.

    Hey folks. I'm trying to figure out an issue that I am having between my IRC5 controller and S7-1200 communicating through ProfiSafe. I have an error on the PLC for one of the safety IO modules, that I *think* is caused by the fact that the destination address in robot studio keeps resetting itself. On the PLC they are set to 2 and 3, and when I try to set them in robot studio, I will try to write the config, wait for the power up, and then when it powers up, both devices are set to 1 for the destination address. Any ideas?