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    Hello everyone!

    On my Scara robot, I have a failure in the hand input power fuse. I have replaced it and it keeps burning out. I have disconnected the gripper and it is burning again. There may be a short circuit somewhere.

    Does anyone know where the failure could be occurring? Through manuals, I have managed to find the HC2 connector on the HC8 (B3) which could be one of the causes. But I have tried to disconnect the robot from the controller and the fuse is still burning. Does anyone have any idea? I really appreciate the help. Thanks in advance.

    We literally had this fault come up yesterday after an AXA card swap. Black system cable connection underneath wasn’t fully seated after new card install. Pushed it in so you could hear/feel the connection ‘click’ and fault cleared after power cycle

    Thank you Ro Bo Rye and Robodoc!! But before I decide to replace any of the hardware cards, do you know if I can modify anything in the settings to check if it reconnects?

    Hello, I have the same problem. I am using an NX100 controller and have followed these steps. I keep getting it 0020 [50].

    Any idea? Thank you!!

    Thank you so much! That was the switch that remained to be selected!

    No, I have no training in Kawasaki. I have experience in other robot brands and automation processes. That's why I was assigned this robot with no previous knowledge.

    The robot can now run programs in automatic mode. But one last error is displayed. Just when it starts, an error occurs that stops the process. E1140. I have searched the manuals and cannot find a solution.

    I have tried on the Keyboard screen to do a "ZRobot" and check/assign 6 axis to the robot description. However, that doesn't affect it either.

    I changed between STEP ONCE and STEP CONT and nothing happens. I realized that in the Safe Cir Monitor screen in Teach mode the last "step" SOFT got activated when the motors were on, in contrast, in repeat mode, it does not get activated blocking the activation of MON.

    I also noticed that there is an external hold. I do not use the external hold of the XES connector, so A9 and B9 are short-circuited. My conclusion is that it must be related to the Cubic-S, but I can't find a way to disable this external hold.

    Thank you so must for your help Kwakisaki!

    The second page of the Safe Cir Monitor is also okay.

    The robot was working with a gripper with electromagnets picking 4 pieces simultaneously, and it was working okay.

    Yes, we have realized that it has the Cubic-S installed. When it was moved, the box with the safety output devices and fuses connected to the Cubic-S was not brought. I have connected again and the 2AP board error LED disappears.

    Now I have recently changed in the safety input/output settings the signals that were defined, and after rebooting the controller, I can move the robot.

    The only thing which doesn't work properly yet is the "Run" in "Repeat". With both switches in repeat mode, motor on, and pushing the "A+Cycle Start" buttons the program does not Run. It goes to the first line and it turns yellow.

    Thank you Kwakisaki, I checked the Safe_Cir Monitor, and apparently, everything is okay. Also when I push the deadman switch, TRG-1 turns to yellow.

    Hi kwakisaki,

    Thank you for your answer. Sorry I'm new in Kawasaki and I thought that the D1512 and the D1590 might be relationated.

    I have checked all that you said and the error continues.

    By the way, I have opened a thread to talk about it.

    Kawasaki F60 controller - D1590 error (AC Primary power off.) - Kawasaki Robot Forum - Robotforum - Support and discussion community for industrial robots and cobots (

    Hi everyone,

    I have a problem where I can't move the robot Kawasaki RS007 A with a F60 controller

    On the screen, I get an Emergency message (E-STOP) and a Power sequence board error. I have already checked the connections on the XES connector and they are OK (I think).

    Also, I have tried to change from dual system setting (of safety circuit systems) to single-system setting. I did it by changing the SW1-1 and SW2-1 switches from the 2AP board from OFF to ON.

    I have also noticed that on the 2AP board an error LED lights up (I understand that it is related to this).

    Hi everyone,

    I have the D1590 error and I can not move the robot. I can't turn on the motor. The manual says that it could be produced for:

    1.-A drop in the AC primary power voltage or shut-off of the breaker

    2.-Failure of the power/6-axis amplifier board

    3.-Failure of the servo board

    4.-Failure of the power sequence board

    The recommended measures are:

    1.-Check to make sure that the AC primary power voltage has not dropped or is not shut off.

    2.-Replace the power/6-axis amplifier board.

    3.-Replace the servo board.

    4.-Replace the power sequence board.

    Does anyone know why that could happened?

    Or does anyone know a less generic solution?

    Thank you very much.

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